Sunday, August 26, 2012

Energy Symptoms

eause of where I am I often pick up on these mass movements of energy which are more the result of the Collective moving than anything else. We want to attribute the sun, planetary movements, but its more the result of a collective interaction going on that isat once very complex and also very simple. Taken at the right dimension, its just a twitch, but taken closer in, its an intense wave.  
And I have been feeling it. 
Nausea is not uncommon when there is a large amount of energy coming through. Most often when kundalini is getting ready to rev up, I get sick to my stomach.  The next day, it hits.  So what do I do to deal with it?
I breathe.  I breathe deep and I allow myself to move into a sense of expansiveness.  I imagine or visualize channels that are wide open.  Nothing is constricted.  I have found over the last couple of days that I am often unconsciously tight or slightly tense without realizing it. When I relax, I then find I relax even deeper, and I keep going into it until all is flow. Its surprising just how deep you can take it or how deep you can go into it.  And its very very good.  So try to breathe while holding one nostril closed for four or five breaths and then reverse and do the same for the other; if you were feeling a little uptight before, chances are you will be much more relaxed once you are done.  If you are not relaxed, you either need to get quieter in your mind or/and do another set of the alternating nostril breathing.  
For me, because of kundalini, bliss has been going off the chart.  This is tantric energy and it can get challenging to deal with it in a way that is constructive.  Again, the same operative applies;  I bring the energy upwards and feel myself doing these panting breaths that I was shown one night while in meditation. Its maybe funny, but I was shown the image of a large cat; a jaguar.  In it, the cat breathed in a panting sort of way.  I found much to my surprise that I could move vast amounts of energy this way.  Imagining the cat also helped somehow.  For me. You might be different. Being Native American before, this animal stuff comes naturally to me.  To each ones own. Its all blessed if it bears you to where you need to be.  
I find that I am visualizing a means for releasing the energy.  I feel it flowing out of my hands and into a goddess form.  In truth, the image is not very clear for me because I am in truth feeling an essence more than a form, something so broad and expansive that its seems to ripple out beyond comprehension, which is what all consciousness does.  For me, the essence does it.  I am touching the collective feminine and this takes the energy the easiest and most gracefully. I am grounding and flowing a current from the sky, which I am, into the earth, which is the feminine. For someone else, it could be any number of other images.  Perhaps seeing energy as a water stream flowing out to the sea.  
For me, this tends to increase energetic potential, and none of it is negative.  It can be challenging when the tantric flow is upped three or four fold. Imagining the energy moving strongly helps to eliminate the harder feelings and helps to clear up nausea as well as fuzzy head, inability to concentrate, etc.  
Bests to you….

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