Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Light Body

The Light Body.

We all have one.  And its presence for many is a bit of a mystery.  You can't see it.  You can't taste it (although we are taking bets what that would be like), you can smell or hear it.....and is there. Hidden for most yet providing them with their awareness as a sentient being, their very existence.

And you have one.  For most, it is largely in slumber.  You can feel its effects, though, but the brilliance of the light body will utterly startle you were it to be turned up to its highest volume.  So, awakening the light body happens in steps.  Its gradual.  Its illuminating can happen over years, in truth.  Lifetimes.  I am not here to give you a bunch of new age lingo, but to keep it to the point.

The Light Body isn't physical.  It is energy, pure and simple.  So as a result, it has no mass.  This means it can be anywhere and anywhen.  Truly.  No mass means you CAN move through time.  I have done this many times through my lifetime.  The only problem with these kinds of excursions is being able to figure out what the date is, or that its actually a time shift.  If you go a month into the future, the experience does not present itself as anything other than a very ordinary day out.  If you were to go hundreds of years into the future, you MIGHT notice a difference.  If you go a thousand years into the future, consider its possible that humankind has seen technology as a dead end and have learned to live without it, in which case you might feel like you are dreaming or experiencing the past.  Its just hard to know for sure without picking up a newspaper.  So, you see, these things are not so simple, and are not always obvious. And in not knowing, you only are able to identify it AS IT HAPPENS, which is to say you may not recall the dream of last week or month as being precognitive until the event happens in physical life to you later. I never knew I was having a precognitive dream.  There was always the inevitability of being surprised that THAT dream was the one that was foretelling events.    My travel has been both backwards and forwards.  The forwards portion has always been difficult to identify. Some events that I have seen were entirely unanticipated, and I did not have enough context to be able to determine where I was.  All of my time excursions have taken place in the dream state.  And still, there is enough awareness to know that something was taking place.  Just not WHEN.  Anyway.  You get the idea, right?

We are now learning of theories that are saying that all matter is actually made up of energy that is already moving at the speed of light. When you turn on the light switch, for example, the electrons move at light speed.  So does light.  But matter, being a form of energy, also does this. But wait, you say, how can that be?  The way the theory goes, a particle is merely an entrained wave of energy.  In truth, according to this interesting theory is that all of matter is made up of waves that have been entrained so they wind up seeming permanent or physical.  What does that mean?

Think of a light wave forced to run in circles.  It SEEMS to slow down when in truth it is actually traveling at the speed of light RIGHT HERE.  So think of a dog on a chain. They run so fast....and in the process they make a blur that builds the appearance of solidity. Does that help? So the point here is everything is energy.  When the light body wakes up, when your awareness knows its true source or nature, this opens channels in the light body.  It lights up.  It becomes "activated."  Your inner sensing becomes much more acute.  This is a process.  Its like taking back your hearing after lifetimes of being deaf.  You are healing. And this is good.  You begin to feel more and more through the light body, your cosmic vehicle based on how much dross or junk you are able to remove.  Don't feel bad when you encounter it; we are all here because we have it.  Its not a sentence or a punishment.  Whether you are on earth or any other place, the law is that your life will naturally reflect what is inside of you.  Step back and observe your life.  What you wish you did not have in it can be changed by changing what it inside of you.  Its the ultimate freedom. You do not change events first, you change yourself which is involved in creating those events.  As you do this, you also feel more and more of the whirling light energy within you.  Its a glorious feeling.....and it HAS to be. Who ever heard of getting to paradise when its full of hurt or suffering?  Its the suffering part that is your karma.  There is no honor in hurt or pain even though many would like to say so.  Its the sheer volume of it that makes us want to somehow assign it some importance.  Its importance is in teaching you to no longer cleave to it.  Its your exit strategy if you let it guide you.  Your light body as it wakes up will tell yo pleasure from pain.  You will simply feel it more and more.  The trick is in learning to discern between pleasure and pain.  We get used to mixing these and call it pleasure or bliss.  Slowly, as we keep seeking, we refine and continue to feel those high peaks of bliss free from the weight of the old.  The bliss of an enlightened person may seem absolutely wonderful to the average person, and yet the enlightened person may feel strains of karma within the bliss that point her or him to their continual refining.  Its a relative thing.  Seek always....and the bliss keeps you pointed in the right direction.

The lighting up of the light body is one that moves in thresholds.  These thresholds are in fact the result of our own resistance to awareness.  When the energy "pierces" the light veil or the light body chakras, we feel the energy flood into us.  As this happens, each energy vortex that we call chakra mirrors a given frequency on a very broad range of energetic spectrum. We pick up a given range the same way our eyes pick up a given range or wavelength of energy which we call visible light.  So each vortex called a chakra is aligned or vibrates in sympathy with a given range of energy.  these get translated into certain attributes of consciousness such as emotions, for example, or certain aspects of human experience.  the heart would deal with ones own inner truth, divine love, compassion, forgiveness, for example. The vortex called the third eye would have to do with perception. So each chakra will let go and allow the flow of conscious energy to move through it in a more aware way.  Since the energy of the universe is both yin and yang, you will feel both moving up through you.  Last week I realized we actually have either two chakras or a chakra that has the yin energy balanced on one end while the other is on the other end of the chakra.  These are NOT separate, however.  They are part of each other the same way that the north and south pole on a magnet are opposite forces yet are all part of the same magnet.

As this process unfolds, it clears the chakras of material that represents old trauma and hurt from your past.  All of this is material that you have holding onto.  Some of it may be material you no longer even identify or remember. it could have been some slight or hurt from childhood.  You in actuality do not forget any of it, but you do filter it out of your main awareness of memory. Your memory, as you will find will be perfect, once the filters fall away. Your own light body will identify these knots or problems and these can be worked through a variety of ways. One way is with the help of an experienced deep tissue massage therapist  Rolfing was one of the early deep tissue methods which in truth, was a bit on the hard side, but points to how this type of work can sometimes aid in releasing pent up material that gets caught in the matrix, the weaving together of the physical and nonphysical bodies.

What is so important about the Light Body is that its your infinite vehicle.  It IS you when you leave the body.  So getting to know it can help you in the next stage.  Or, if you are really with it, you begin activating the Light Body now and it speeds up your process of lifetimes.  You glide into love and compassion faster.  You find the fulfillment of lifetimes.  Now. You discover the wonder and beauty that is your soul.  IN being active, you can see the beauty that is everyone else beneath the thin veneer of bullshit that has been spread across most of everything in this world. The bullshit is what does not serve us, that are our old hurts.  After a time, you just grow tired of having this material hanging on to you.  Feeling its presence in a whole new way once the light body is active, you often can feel very impatient to get on with the work of enlightening your being.  Heaven on earth.

If you would like to know more about this process, simply read more in this blog.  Search the archives. If you search under such labels as "awakening," "kundalini" "chakras," "energy," and similar tags, you will find articles on this subject in considerable profusion here.

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