Monday, December 17, 2012

A Note On Auras....

Not long ago I was talking to my daughter about auras.  As she grows, she is aware her father is a bit.....different.  I speak openly and frankly about my experiences when the questions come up.  There was so little information when I was a kid.  I had to dig and dig.....

I showed her some techniques for seeing energy, ways to look, what to bear in mind.  But as I reviewed this and some posts I have made in the past, I realize there is one element that I have not touched on perhaps as much as I should since it feels central to sensing energy in this way.  Its  not easy to touch on because it is so simple that it is difficult to notice or realize how important it is.

What works for me is to stop or still thought.  This does not happen totally.  We can think while we do this, but there is a part of me that simply LOOKS without anything but focus on the object.  I really don't have any better explanation than that.  It is being okay with not knowing what you are supposed to do except that somehow, some part of you knows, but it all seems beyond your control.  I think perhaps the answer lies in the fact that this is the energy body sensory realm instead of the physical sensory realm.  It is a side-step away from normal sensing.

So let's say that you can sense energy around a person but you are not picking up on color for some reason.  Rationally, you know you really ARE picking up on the energy.  This is certain.  But the color.....So simply try telling yourself that you would like to pick up on color and then cease any effort beyond that.  Ask to be shown.  Have no expectation of a result.  Let your light body show you.  Ask what it is you are not doing right to tune hat part in.  But again, remove all expectation as to what this might be.  Stop thought.  Be present.  Feel without thinking or thinking you KNOW what it is you are seeing.  Consider that what you might see is different from what you think it could or will be.  And trust.  You have this genie inside of you, so it is a matter of getting to this point.

Something else to try is to focus on your solar plexus.  Feel your own energy as you, feel your energy, feel your own sense of presence and then imagine this energy as being like a satellite dish. It is this big disc of energy that picks up on the energy around it.  Feel your energy filling the room, probing as it always does.  This is your "gut" and it tends to be very basic and clear most often.  That is why we are asked to trust it. Your gut.  Imagine your awareness moving out beyond your body and filling the room.  Now beyond this, do not expect anything else.  Be neutral.  Let it just be energy.  Try this visualization and give it some time.

This is not something that has anything to do with looking or the act of picking up on the energy, so this part is perhaps the part that people miss. If you can see auras okay, then whether you are aware of this fine point or not is beside the point, but some people may have something about their mental focus that serves to block the flow of information. It helps to stop being mental.  Stop trying to know or apprehend.  Allow yourself to be shown.  Allow your own senses to do what they do naturally.  Get out of your head and get into you BODY.  It is the physical body that has a mirror of itself in the light body.  It is the light body that is picking up on most of this information I believe, and so by being in your body you will tend to listen to the wisdom OF the body, both physical and etheric (since they are coincident with one another and play off one they are both connected!).  So get in your body.  Get out of your head.  This is the simple part.  But it can also be hard for people to maintain.  When you can get quiet and FEEL your body, you will feel your energy more.  As you feel this energy, you will be more aware of it and it will naturally be in a better position to help you with what it is good at doing.  Let your feeling of your energy fill the room and see if this works.  You are not doing anything but feeling.  You are passive because you are observing and taking in. There is no control, nothing to do. Become quiet and feel.  Your own energy body will be like a field of energy that will feel other energies and bring information back to you in order for it to be decoded into a form that will make sense to you.  This is how it works.  The energy is just energy, but in order for it to make sense, it has to be put into some order that makes sense to you, that you can relate to.  It can fall along lines of impressions, images in the mind, sensations in the body, or images that the eye seems to see. And if this continues to be a problem, it might just be a sign that you might be better at picking up on this information in a completely different way.  If this might be the case, you need only feel into this and use your intuition to figure out what this might be.  What makes sense to you?  What is your first impulse when I say this?  What does your gut say? What FEELS right?

There are some very basic "mechanical" things that you can try if you are having challenges tuning in.  Try different size rooms. Diffuse light seems best and even flourescent for whatever reason, seems to work well. Having some space around the subject being observed as well as distance from you can also help.  Gaze longer then you have in the past.  Keep your gaze there.  See if that helps.  Feel yourself just observing, feeling in a light and neutral way.  This will keep you in the role of observer and less as participant.  Ask yourself if there is something blocking the color. If there is, you don't need to know WHAT is doing it.  You can place your awareness on this for extended periods and this can also serve to remove the block.  Again, no expectations.

The same thing can be done for seeing the levels of the aura.  There are many levels.  These tend to radiate outward looking like a series of "shells" or sheaths.  My experience has shown me that most material closest to the body tends to be directly involved in what is being felt now as a matrix of both emotional, physical, and mental energy, with larger dimensional energy taking up space slightly beyond these layers.  None of it is different or less than any other layer, they simply serve different aspects of the self living in this moment in time.  The aura extends visually many feet beyond the body and my sense is that in a way, it has no end as it imprints on physical reality.  It is infinitely flexible, elastic and can go from a brilliant light close to the body to an expansive field many feet beyond. For a long time I did not see what some healers and body workers were talking about.  It was some years ago that I began to see images in the aura.  These are faint for me, shadowy in some ways, perhaps indistinct sometimes, but clear enough for me to pick up on them and gain awareness and understanding from them.

The thing about using intuition is that it feels like you are doing nothing.  You are in a way doing nothing because what you think of your normal focus is stepping aside, becoming neutral while another lesser known part of you begins to work.  It seems effortless because what you think of your focus or pinpoint of awareness is no longer working as it has on the issue at hand.  Something else is.  But it is still you.  You simply need to have the faith that it is in you to do. It is almost like handing it off to someone else to work on.  It shouldn't feel so easy, but it is.  Trust that sense. 

The most direct use of sensing the aura is in healing work. If you can sense the aura it can lead you to an understanding of energy and could be a tool in helping you to observe as you work what effects your own efforts bring.  Try these methods and let me know if they work.  

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