Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Speaking To The Flow

What is this that is happening?
Unbounded, beyond word
why seek to contain it
by limiting it.
Just set it free
let it be
what it can be
and it just might show you
that very thing
taking your hand
as the wind lifts you
beyond your old conceptions
old skins
drop away
as everything you thought
was perfect for the time
but now you are growing
going beyond
the cavalry left far behind
flowers and stars
nothing but light
and the power to become
your friend.

Shattered windows
lost lives
and revolutionary thoughts
what was lost is now found
what made you poor is now making you rich
I say
why limit it
by seeking to define it.

By the fire
at night
fireflies but a memory
by a babbling brook
or a thousand possible places where we sat
and dreamed
we each look one into the other
and nothing could come between
this something more
that has the power to always open us
as life ends and begins
and new conceptions are born
and die
a million times
as turning we laugh
and smile
all of this just keeps going on and on....

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