Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Great Battle

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Battle is a concept that is used in many spiritual traditions to describe what happens to us as we change spiritually.  There are battles in heaven over us and creation, battles of angels, there is the battle of the self with its shadow self.  There are battles to establish a new order.

All of these sell well and raise a lot of attention.  They make for great books, movies and products.  But the battle within ones self is not the path to enlightenment.  As long as you are struggling, as long as you are fighting with someone or yourself, your demons or anything else, you have not reached the place you need to be in order to achieve the divine.  Awakening is about the end of battle, of the struggle and noble effort.  It sells and may make maidens swoon, but its not real.

What is real is the day you lay aside all struggle with all your problems and realize who and what you are.  When you let go in this way, instead of engaging as you always have with some enemy within or without, you will attain the kingdom, the bliss, cosmic awareness, enlightenment.  ALL ascension experiences involve letting go and surrendering.  That hardly makes for a great epic battle. Yes, you may seem to see that there was a battle before the great peace comes over you, but it is not now nor ever wil be because of the battle you just fought. It is only because you let all thought of battles and struggles go.  You let this concept go because you realized that what you are is within you.  No battle will ever bring you this. Do you NEED to have a battle to learn that battles are not the answer?  Perhaps, and if that is what must be, then so be it. But the trick is you actually learn this one truth instead of joining in yet another battle. Conflict is not the way.  Truth is the way.  Your truth.  As long as you see or feel there is some conflict in your and someone elses outlook or belief, then you are in a struggle with what the divine is all about. It is your inner guru telling you it is time to let go, surrender, forgive, and let those who choose one way to be what they most need to be in the moment.

I know; there are all kinds of reasons for why we must battle.  We tell ourselves in the moment just how important it is to right a wrong or to fix something. Even in our world we do battles with countries based on the thinnest of reasons. Mushroom clouds over Baghdad only to find there was never such a desire to build a bomb. The U.S.S. Liberty, the most decorated war ship, was strafed by unmarked jets in an effort to sink her for a reason for the U.S. to go to war (Johnson called off air support so the attack could proceed so public outcry would be enough for him to go to war).  Eye witness accounts surfaced later that this was the case, so this was not a question, but during the wake of the event these facts were hidden by denial and threats leveled upon those who were there to see what happened.  Humans do this  in normal battles as much as they do it in spiritual battles with ourselves.  It does not matter whether it happens on a world stage or an individual one.  It is all the same.  We come up with a problem based on an incomplete awareness of what this "problem" is, when in truth, there is no problem anything more than a lack of perspective, or awareness about what is true.  So battles comes about based on a rather specious set of reasons for the most part.  Sure; there are always good justifications.  Most often, we find, the reason for the battle or invasion was built on a lie.  A deception.  And that is what this all is.  The need to do battle is a deceptive practice that will never bring you any closer to your divine nature or the truth of the matter. Once you see the underside to this part of the world, you can appreciate that on the world stage, we are rarely given the larger reasons.  Because of this, the United States has become something of a bully on this stage for our philosophy of preemptive war, which of course takes the madness to an all new level.  It may seem you must correct what you see as wrong, but I ask you; what in the world does not itself contain its own divine guidance and purpose? You can intervene, you can lend your voice, you can use the power of the pulpit if you must, but when it comes to striking and destroying something in order to set it right, we each involve in destroying our perception of the divine.  The belief in battle itself serves to hide or obfuscate the divine within all.  And it is there. To understand this requires insight, compassion, and great strength.  A willingness to step back and ask the hard questions. If someone says "trust me, I know" then you are being asked to make a decision based on incomplete evidence. And in such a case, you are likely not to be told the real reason why. There is always a better solution than war within or without you.  It may not be easily seen in the heat of the moment, but that is also why it is such a powerful teacher.  Its reasons and purposes are not always seen in moments such as this and their rewards are thus far greater as  a result.  It will be a good day when we not just outlaw war (this is something that the U.S. actually did even though most are unaware of the legislation that exists that codified this effort---it was a law that has not since been adhered to even though it was in fact passed by the Congress).

The only battle is in you to realize once and for all that battle is not the way to a better world.

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