Thursday, December 6, 2012

Reaching Out From The Inside

We have been convinced that what exists through our physical senses is all that there is and to not trust our feelings because they are the result of some chemical soup that evolved out of some odd propensity for matter to chance upon making life. This is the body of the world, and without its soul, it is a corpse.  Just as we look out onto the world of appearances, the body of the world, we can reach into ourselves and feel the soul of the world.  It is there in just the same way that the body is, except instead of sensing is or apprehending it in the way we do with the body of the world, we do so through our inner senses.

It is so valuable a thing to trust your feelings, to trust how you feel and to trust the part of you where the universe will come streaming into you in a whole new way. Certainly there are some hard feelings, some crinkled edges, and some skeletons rattling around in the midst of who you are, but those things are dwarfed by the remarkable world that seems to wake up within you, that comes streaming into your awareness once you realize you can feel not just the body of the world, but its soul, too. It is here that you do just what Peter Gabriel wrote about in his song In Your Eyes when he says "I reach out from the inside."  He is certainly a modern Gnostic in his own right.

It is here within you, in your ability to feel that you will tap the soul of the world.  This is the collective consciousness of the race, but it is also all of nature, all of what we know and do not yet know that is part of the body of the All.  When you realize that this portal exists in you, the world will live in you in a new way.  When I say that, realize that you already feel it, you just haven't sensed it in its most obvious of ways so that it grabs your attention as being something more than just your own feelings.  Once you experience this, you will be on a road toward trusting what you feel and it will naturally have a way of guiding you forward.  This is why all awakened teachers most often explain that what you seek is not outside of you, but is within.  All of it.  Awakening will bring this as the two currents held at arms length for so long are finally brought into union and what some call kundalini activates within your awareness.  The two loose ends of the universe have now been connected and a current begins to flow within you that leads you to feel the shimmering presence, the very essence of All That Is alive, awake and aware in this very moment.  This will be a blooming within you as something inside of you gives way like hardened soil softened by the rain of your intention, your ardent question "Is this all there is?"  And the landslide inside of you can begin at anytime that you are ready to lessen the divisions within you that have kept this awareness at bay. 

Trust your feelings even if they give you trouble or seem to betray you.  This wont happen forever, these betrayals.  They are a temporary condition, and soon enough the land will slide away as the soft soil of your soul unfolds.  It is like you are a book with pages that themselves have pages.  Your mind unfolds like this book as a seemingly hidden character or quality of yourself and the universe appears seemingly for the first time in a great moment of terrible revelation.  The terrible part will simply be there as the scum rests on the surface of a pond, but which will very soon be churned and refined as the waters of your being grow crystal clear and resolves brilliant.  The garden hose carries some dirt within and you must allow the energy to flow.  The universe has a way of clearing you out so the water of its soul can run bright and clear.  In just this way, you will learn to trust your feelings because they are the entryway to the infinite. 

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