Saturday, December 15, 2012

The New Wayshower

Built within the very heart of the All she resides in harmony with her consort, never another but who she is, no separation but an integrated part of her.  In the great body of this All, though, parts of the body do not realize what they are in relation to this great Mother, the divine feminine.  For reasons that are their own, they have been under the gaze of the masculine side of Her.  His feminine has receded just as she has been denied the awareness that is hers. 

We all know how this has played out here.  It has been a very hard time for the feminine.  We have been caught in a wild torrent of denial in coming to our own collective self realization.  It has been difficult to day the least for how the feminine has been treated in this world.  Property.  Powerless.  Denied.  This has been hard.  Very hard.  And certainly there have been billions who have suffered over a long time.  But the tide is changing, and we can know something different if we can just be ready to simply set aside what has been and let the past be the past. 

For the last hundred years, She has been asserting her power, her right to parity in the world. As soon as she began doing this, the days of paternalistic control were numbered.  Slowly, the pieces have been coming together.  Brave women who asked "Yes, but why is it that way?  It can be different!" have been the ones who have helped to bring change to the world.  In the United States, for all our talk of freedom and liberty, we have been marvelously one-sided.  Until we got called on it, and we had to begin examining our talk to match our walk.  Women stepped out from the shadows and into the bright light of awareness.  Her walk was her own.  She won the right to vote, the right to work, the right to question consensus reality.  the right was always hers.  She had to assert it in order for that to happen. And she did it. More voices joined in the chorus and over time, conventions have changed. 

It has pressed for understanding who She is in this new context.  Was the Women's Liberation Movement somehow robbing women of their femininity?  Were men somehow less manly when they chose to stay and care for the children at home instead of going out there and bring home the bacon?  All kinds of questions have been raised in our collective examination of what this new landscape represents to us.  We have been trying to figure it out.  It has been a bit like a set of clothes that was new and fit differently than what we were used to.  Did it look right?  Does it feel right to us where we are headed?  Some of the questions sought to take us back to the safety of convention while others sought, perhaps blindly into some new world.  And yet, even in the seeming dark, we have been feeling for an as-yet unknown that we know.  Deeper down, we know what it is we are looking for.  We are being guided along.  Carefully, gently, certainly.  Powerfully.  Irretrievably. 

What has been a movement of women will be a movement of humans.  In an interesting twist, what women are asking for will deliver to men the very thing they will need as much as the women.  As women have asserted themselves in what may have felt like a more masculine character, so too will men begin, are beginning, to feel their more sensitive natures.  It is okay for women to be more balanced in themselves.  It is okay to carry masculine traits in helping them to manifest their greatest dreams.  And men, too, are now more free to discover parts of themselves that society seemed to suggest was not desirable.   The walls are beginning to soften.  And just now, as I look at the kids I see coming up in college, I see such a mix.  I see men who are not afraid to be gentle, soft, kind and nurturing.  Women are more assertive and they are not considered less womanly.  The men are as masculine as ever.  More balanced.  Less polarized. 

This new movement will continue as our society will continue to change and even build steam.  the result? I think some of it will be hard to predict completely, but its results will be our new experiment in becoming collectively. 

Awakening offers a unique perspective in all of this.  Loosened upon the world, our perceptions become more keen and go beyond mere appearances.  We can see people as they are in their soul-selves.  The soul self is beyond time while also dipping into it.  It is multidimensional.  It is more than just what we are here.  As a result, how we appear here is only one part of a larger story than what the awakened sense or perceive.  It is true that when we pass from this life into the next phase, we tend to appear to others as we were in the prime of our powers in this life.  We associate with the very best of what we were or are in this life.  And in the same way, the soul in this life can appear differently than just what we see on the surface physically.  Someone who is of advanced age may still feel quite young and thus, that will be how they appear to others across vast distances and without benefit of the physical senses.  Or they could appear older.  Or just completely different.  Maybe someone with light hair appears in their soul self as having dark hair.  Short people are tall.  Tall people might be short and stocky.  Dealing with this difference is part of the next step in our sensory experience. It is now a norm rather than an oddity to me since all people are to some extent like this.  We are more than we appear. 

You also will find that what you think you know about what you are is limited by what your own senses provide you and what your own patterning in this life has been.  The feminine is dealing with a kind of identity challenge.  With centuries of masculine dominance the identities of women have been effects by this tide.  However, there is a pure current of the feminine that can be tapped by all of us, and this comes to us from still larger sources. You need only tune it in. You do this by looking within.  This is where women can learn about their deeper feminine identities beyond the effects of the last hundred centuries.  Digging deep through the quantum field, you can discover this part of you.  This goes for men as well as women.  But for women, I think the effect will be particularly healing.  When you become aware of this part of you, you might discover a similar disparity as I described earlier with physical versus soul identity.  I have seen this over and over; what we are on the outside and what we take for IT is often different from what is buried still deeper.  With those with the eyes to see in total innocence and soulfulness, the deeper self can be known, felt, touched upon.  It is a curious thing that another person seeing who you are helps to stir the awareness in yourself.  What this represents is a return to a zero-point, a kind of seeming "pure" state, even though I hate that word because it can be misleading.  This pure state is just your soul.  And your soul is just what it is. And every soul is beautiful.  Sometimes it is different from what you might expect.  My own soul-self was so different in some ways that it was a real challenge to relate.  And yet, I saw aspects of Him in me all along.  He had been popping up throughout my life and other lives, too.  the ego-oriented self had its own say in what it thought he should be based on convention and comparisons and lack of courage. 

I think that's just it.  We have drifted from these soul selves due to a lack of courage.  We fear what others might say if we were just who we are deep down. Maybe we might go into art instead of accounting or law.  Law pays the bills, but leads to a miserable life for a person with such dreams as that.  yet, we tell ourselves, we have to make those compromises.  We make the compromises because we do not yet fully understand that we are actually in charge of what it is we are creating.  Perhaps this is why, over their 20 year writing career, that Jane Roberts and her Husband Robert Butts helped to bring forth the words of Seth which was Jane's channeled or trance self who said over and over "You create your own reality."  It was kind of the source of every book in one way or another.  Perhaps this is because we so needed to hear it over and over until it got locked into the mass self and we began to examine what the ramifications for this might be.  So as we begin to look at this, we might realize that if things are not going so well for us, we can change it by changing our beliefs and feelings about ourselves.  the change that this leads to in how we feel also leads to change to the very events that manifest in our lives.  What was once impossible is suddenly now possible.  As more and more practice this as a kind of magic that would have been persecuted as witch craft in the past hardly leads to a raised eyebrow.  This is a very good development.  When we can be brave to pursue our dreams, we have a better chance in this type of environment or world to see things actually manifest in ways that bring us fulfillment.  We no longer need to huddle in fear within the little cave of our hidden selves. 

So as I step out into what I am, I ask that you be inspired to do the same. I cannot say what it will be like for you or how it will manifest itself.  that, really, is up to you.  It is up to what you believe is possible.  You see, there is a genie inside of you.  And no longer do you need to use this genie to strike back at the injustices done to you. As long as you wield the sword, you will also tend to die by it as well.  But if you hold the sword as a beacon of truth, then the truth will be your guide.  It is, you see, just a slight turn away from how you have been feeling and responding to it.  When you change the rules of engagement, you will change your world.  And this is the message I am bearing to you as I do the very same.  Brave.  Not fearful.  Brave to just be YOU.  that will be enough for you and the rest of the world because who you are inside is needed.  Every woman upon the earth has something so remarkable within that it NEEDS to be brought forward.  Just bring it forward.  Let others gaze into you to tell you what they see.  Let yourself get to know Her.  The same goes for men.  For them, knowing the native current of their compliment will aid in all sorts of realizations.  It will also serve to anchor a reverence for the feminine in the world that may not have been touched in quite the same way before.  And I may not have to tell you that it is time.  It is a marvelously creative time at least potentially. 

And it is in action that all potential is realized.  It is up to you.  In your own way. 

The new Wayshower is the feminine.  She is telling us, informing us, opening us in ways we have not been opened before.  Collectively.  Individually. It is She which will make a big difference in our world.  This will help balance the world, individuals, and pehraps bring about a more sane approach and attitude in the heart of all humankind.  

Bows deep....

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