Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What We Create

I was talking to one of my children today about an incident that involved someone putting a rather negative spin on events that could have been seen or reacted to in a completely different way.  It was an excellent opportunity to illustrate how it is that we create our lives and our world by what and how we feel and how we choose (yes choose) to see it.  It led to a rather nifty saying that is, I suppose, a derivation on other older sayings....

"You can either make the best of what you have or the worst of what you've got."

I think that sums it up, don't you?  Interestingly I had come across a zen saying that is essentially very similar that states that when we lay aside all of our opinions about the things we see in life, we are left with what is and can then see that event or thing without the blinders or biases that we think are real when in truth they are not. Even then, with all that veneer or gloss stripped away, what we see is even more miraculous a thing because it is still so incredibly amazing. 

How we choose to feel governs how we see and react to the events going on all around us. Be happy that you are here experiencing this life. No one is perfect, and yet, we are all doing the best that we can with all the blinders we happen to have.  When ready, we can let all of that stuff slip away when our souls are ready and hungry for what lies beneath.

Live life to its fullest, and I shall talk to you soon....

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