Thursday, December 13, 2012


Live with passion and without regret.  There is nothing worse than a life lived weighed down with regret.  It causes you to look back incessantly and keeps you from the warm embrace of the present, which is your power.

Do not fear power or abundance, but embrace it, child-like with the desire to always seek the highest.  We are all here learning how to manifest and manipulate energy which happens to come in yriad forms including power and abundance. Only then will you channel the power of the true divine within for the good of all.  Everything in life is a transferal of energy and this includes money.  it can bless you or curse you.  How you go about it determines which it becomes. 

You are not powerless.  Inside of you rests all the resources you could ever need to heal your most troubled parts, but it is also up to you to allow yourself to dare to be bold enough to consider ti is there and be on the lookout for it.  There is a genie in you, but you may have bought into the idea that you are limited.  You aren't. You are one petal on a much larger flower and by going beyond your own sense of self, you can merge with your larger self for great fulfillment, self knowing, and wonder.  True power does not need to prove anything.  It is easy and content in what it is and does not seek or need approval from anyone; it is its own reward.

You are worthy of love. But you will only be worthy of love in the world when you feel that you are worthy.  If you have a past littered with lack of acceptance or awareness about how incredibly great you are, do not take it seriously; it is only because you yourself have had some difficulty in seeing it yourself.  It is true that you ARE love incarnate.  The atoms and the life force and all of what you are are supported by a force that is itself a distilled form of love so powerful it will simply make you turn red-faced as you excuse yourself because the force of the realization is just so strong that you can't stand to be feeling so incredibly intimate and powerful in such a public place.  Until we ARE what we seek, what we seek will not mirror what we hope the most for. 

Your karma will make you do what you do not want to do and keep you from doing what you want to do.  This is an excellent opportunity to begin dissolving karma.  The path to this is forgiveness.  Not of those who have wronged you, but for what you yourself, in your genie-like way have attracted into your life.  For as hard as this may be to do, it is the only authentic means to sloughing off the negative karmas that have haunted you for so long.  Doing so is the greatest of freedoms.  It returns you to yourself.  Forgiveness is not a word you use but an essence within you that is felt to your very core  To heal a negative karma, you must be able to feel so deeply, completely, that the weed of karma is loosened by its roots, not merely trimmed.  How someone behaves is their karma.  How you respond is yours. 

There is nothing that you do not already know that isn't hidden within you waiting to be discovered.  Whatever path you take to find it, the clue that you are on it is that you do not buy into anything but compare one idea with what lies within you.  Buddha cautioned never to buy into any idea until you have examined it fully.  Even if what you accept into your being winds up being somehow distorted or off the mark, you had to go through the process of realizing it before the lesson could be learned.  You are unique in this way and trusting yourself is the best way to go forward.  Second guessing makes the path hard. 

You are immortal. You will live many times and your awareness is scattered throughout time. Only in this one life do you seem bounded.  Being aware of just how unbound you are in a larger context can give you the courage to live life without fear or regret.  Live it like its the only life you wil have, for in a way, it is THE life you are leading now  When you are ready, you will begin to know what else has happened beyond your current physical awareness. 

Ram Dass said "Be Here Now" just as did Buddha and others.  This is important. Be present.  Be mindful.  Only in the present can you tap the power of the universe.  Once you know how this is achieved, you can begin to heal the past as well as the future simply by going there in meditation or in dream.  These excursions can have very real effects on you in your present.  You may not believe that the future has not yet happened, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it is indeed happening and is more like a bend in the river you have not yet gotten to yet.  The power of awakening is itself a highly refined form of your own consciousness looping back to you from a "future" self, and it is this effort that you may be experiencing now that will enrich that future self immeasurably.  It is not cheating, it is how things can work for you when you learn how.  As you do this healing, things tend to grow exponentially.  This has an effect on all life on the planet and all consciousness. Healing the past time lines and future ones can be important work for how it has the power to change you and the planet.  Stop each day just to feel your energy.  Energy goes where attention goes.

Do not limit yourself in what you think you are capable of or what the universe is capable of. What you think and feel is what you become.  When you wish for something, wish big. Better; ask the universe to exceed your expectations. Events will have a way of surprising you in the best of ways. 

Examine your beliefs and your feelings. They are both tied to one another and feeling is the language of the universe.  If you wish for something that you do not believe you are worthy of, it is likely it wont manifest.  You have to feel it clearly and with belief.  Be careful of the deities that you choose; you will reinforce one another.

Don't shrink back from life just because you fear what other will think; come out boldly and with courage; it will inspire others to follow their own most desired star.  If there is something you have been putting off doing, do it today.  You will be surprised how it changes your outlook and the content of your life for the time being.  You never know what act will snap the twig that opens the universe to you, or some still larger awareness that now can come flooding in.

The Oracle of Delphi commanded "Man know thyself!" It explained that in this way we also know the gods and goddesses because they reside in our higher natures. 

Don't take life too seriously; it is just a ride that will be over all too soon.  Try to enjoy it for all it's worth!

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