Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Rush

Do not fear the rush of the energy; it means to undo you.  Yes, the impulse is to fear it, to back away, for yes it means the end of you.  It means an end to all you hold so close to you in such amazing unyielding ways. Let the rush take you.  It is only the river and this river will yield unto a great sea which will yield unto an even greater ocean.  This ocean yields to the earth and the earth yields to space even as space yields to it.  All of life yields, for this is the way to the infinite.  We do not hold back in this, we give up, we let go.  Do not fear the rush.  It only means to teach you to yield.  What remains will be what you could not have imagined.  When you face the fear the fear changes.  When you face the death it too changes into rebirth.  There is no death that does not itself hide its greater purposes by your own folly and illusion. 

Silly human; you are immortal.  Walking away from countless deaths, innumerable graves, you have conquered death by being what you are.  And each idea, belief, that is remade to mirror the great divine reality will itself be given up, in truth, in the same exact way, the same exact way, that you will die.  See? You are given an opportunity to know what death is when you enter into this work. It requires you to be brave.  What exactly do you think you will lose?  Your life?  Your sanity?  Your idea of what you thought you were?  Why is there a problem?  Do not fear the rush.  It means to undo you and send you to your death over and over until in dying and being reborn in small measures to a new day dawning, you learn bit by bit what I am conveying to you.  Freewill; you alone decide when you are ready. We all wait in the river with you shivering, fearful, at the edge of the cliffs.  Yes, it is a long way.  Yes, there are rocks.  Yes you feel uncertain. And yet, here you are.  Yield.  All of life will eventually yield.  It is the most beautiful thing.  You must, must must must die to yourself.  How many times must it be said?  Over and over.  Speak it and sing it until your soul rises shining until you realize its simple elusive truth.  It is what you are.  Your very essence which you have been hiding from.  And in so doing, you have kept the rush of its force at bay.   So scream and cry; let it all out:  the river stretches out beneath you and it means to take you to that great sea which opens, gulf-like into a still broader ocean.  Of bliss.  Of love.  Away from your shame, and everything you have so fervently sought.  This old stuff, it just isn't working.  We all know it.  SOmething isn't quite right.  It is enough to bring you to the cliffs. And here, we will each fall and fly, soar and swim and find that unbearable lightness that are our souls. 

Never fear yielding.  Never fear letting go. Never fear losing your security never fear losing your life.  You will lose it all anyway in the course of time and you will be delivered, countless lives, back into the same flow, again and again until in, yielding, you cease to be pulled by the flow and enter into a new life.  This will be the same as it has always been; dying into each life which is a rebirth---glorious and wonderful, magnificent and miraculous.  It is true that human perceptions of these things very often arise first as terrible nightmares until they are met and our fear dissolves as we seek to know the truth and not the lenses which we have held up believing them true. 

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