Saturday, March 5, 2011

as brushfire

do not fear my flowing presence
I have been dreaming you
since the beginning
and have felt you growing inside me
finding your voice
feeling your love
I have longed for you
even though I did not know it was you I longed for
and why this sadness was so deep
when I was alone
and needing you.

This longing has been a part of us for so long
seeded with it
we grow fecund with it
as round and round we all travel
around this seemingly endless wheel
which is just now reaching its end
marking a great turning in heaven
as the gods said
"when the great wheel comes full turn"
those voices in the past have come rushing into Now
illuminating the path
which has been many-fold.
The path has been walked over and over
and now the walking is done.
no more sadness
or longing
or wondering why it was so
its too deep a thing to know why it was as it was
only that now
flowers are blooming
and we are waking to that great longing
and hungry in a new way.

Come to me
come to me
each of you
must come
and be watered by my spirit
if you are to grow
if you are to know
the love that fills every corner of the cosmos
and will come to you
as you come to me.
and needing my presence
to balance
and lighten you
all at once.

Inside of you
I dwell
a rushing swelling sensuality
a goddess in All
caught in a dance of creation
I call you to awaken to me
awaken to me
awaken to me
awaken to the me in you
to the you who seeks
and yearns
for the spark of the divine
to spread
as brushfire
through your world.

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