Thursday, March 3, 2011

In The Brilliance of Our Time

Those of us Awaken
The root
sending sap upwards
all of our parts tremble
we must speak truth
to truth;
this truth
is bliss
and we are

We are bliss.
are reformed
and placed
in their more harmonious alignment

we all know the truth
but we have centuries of hurt to remove
to peel back
and we can do this
even if it seems formidable
is the one thing that matters
as we arise
my bliss
burgeoning your own
pressing firmly against the envelope
of the beautiful being that you are;
in this love we are all united
and we begin to dream our ancient dream
made new
existing outside of time and space
but anchored here
heaven and earth
the Kingdom
where goddess and her god are healed in each particle
in each atom
in each cell
and inside of you.

When we heal
and drop away the weight that held us down
we lift upwards
into our higher selves
our goddess and god selves.

No one is NOT beautiful
souls were made perfect
it just seems imperfect
as we work through this
into unity
folded back over into what it is to be dual.

We are here
but ready to let that light
which is our soul radiance
pure love
excruciatingly beautiful
like my goddess
who dwells within me
and bids me swim her watery corridors
and know myself
One and seperate.

The seperation was created
so that we might know the joy of reunion
and union was created so that we might know that separation

The Awakenings will continue apace
but it is we
here now
learn to drop the hard parts of us
and keep ego and mind riding in the backseat
as we sit and watch as higher self does the work
our job is to trust
on this trip
that we will be taken care of.
We do not have the means to reach where we are going
our job is to witness
what our higher selves will work
a miracle
and I must constantly have this upon my lips
no matter what ego tries to whisper
in the night.

We each will provide just what is needed
as our larger selves move forward into this moment
and indwell
just as the Christ was with the Father (and Mother!)
we will experience the wonder of our blossoming self
which has already blossomed
has always been.
We need only step into it.
Just one step sideways
away from our hurt
and into our love.

So let slip the grip
and into the night fall
and in that night find a moon
that cartwheels around her sun
and their child earth.
The secret of my soul
will be mirrored in all of our secret selves
as we all wax triadic;
our Christed selves
Buddha natures
being drawn into the heavenliness of what we have always been
and to what we are each awakening.

The alchemy shall continue
as Father and Mother reach over the entire earth
working their magic
as person by person
atom by atom
masculine and feminine
are brought into a unity
and we awaken to our destiny.

take my hand and I shall show you the marvelous being that you are
the love that is yours
that exists throughout the universe
and which will ring through the halls of our collective heaven.
Time to let that new song be writ
and sung
In the Brilliance of our time!

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