Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beyond the Now

We are each born of this boundless present
that we call Now.
Its powerful.
Its here
and its....(chortle)

But its more than that.
Take my hand;
cool and wet the path is
moss grows
backwards and forwards time flows here
into an infinity of NOWS.
We can easily get lost in them
but the secret is knowing that inside of us
is the one true NOW.

The truth is that now expands outward
forming our reality.
Its powerful
its all there is
and yet
there is more than just now.
Now spreads out like a blanket
it creates infinity
out of its one moment.
Like you and I
when we embrace
infinity is born of us
you and I
we birth this sacred third.
This is Divine Energetics
this is the way forward.

We are limited only by what we presently know and believe.
There are infinities of things to know
and in knowing
we can feel them.
In feeling we conceive what the mind cannot....
in this moment
all nows expand outward.
This is the deeper understanding
of NOW.
We expand into multidimensionality
in this way.
We enter into the expanding present
which is that radiation of timelesness
that explodes into all times.
Reaching into this place
you concieve beyond the tunnel your perception suggests to you
that relativity asked that you step out of
and that the quantum world reveals
there is more.

So as I hold your hand
and damp
hearts beating loud in our ears
all presents expand into our present
not crowding
but enfolding
in true multidimensionality.
Its not easy to get until you get it;
subtle natural perfect.

By reaching this place
you will tap your boundless potential
and know yourself beyond time
the here and now
a present unto its own
but which is connected to a still deeper Now.

Come with me now......

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