Friday, March 11, 2011

We Are One

A video for you to watch to consider the authors' thoughts.....

I will add here before you watch that I think that this is a very good video. Its so on the mark. Truly. The one quibble I have has to do with this "nothingness" which is discussed and which many others, including Watts, talks about, as being nothing. Now bear with me. I am perfectly fine with the perception of its being nothing. I once perceived that, too, but at some point something inside of me asked surely there must be more to this Awakening business (and in perfect timing I was shown that there is). I have been feeling this "nothingness" that many speak of and I think we have it all wrong. Its not nothingness. With an increasingly refined sense of sensing which only comes from doing the "hard work" of what an awakening brings, which is removing lifetimes of trauma and hurt, will result in a sensing so strong and clear its as if someone lifted muffs from your ears. We are quite literally insulated by our past unresolved hurt and trauma that we cannot feel into this sacred space which many are calling nothing! The trick, then, becomes going way beyond what you think an Awakening is about in order to tap its true potential. I think we are just now beginning to grapple with what an awakening truly is. Surely I am not the only one here who is having to say the Emperor has no clothes, right? Come with me, walk with me and consider what I am saying to you and the implications it has for consciousness on the planet....

If you can expand your consciousness within this boundless nothing you will begin to feel a sense of boundless scale.....but we are used to how the mind works in us and because this feels so different to us, we see it as nothing. But its not nothing. Its nothing like the ocean feels the same all over. Maybe I need to set myself up as some kind of august authority, maybe let my hair grow gray or something.....but that is not what you need....nor do I need that either. We just need the truth which lives in us and to which we are constantly waking up to.

Its nothing like how a cell feels nothing inside a body trillions of times larger than itself. Here we are, existing inside this world which itself is contained in a solar system unbelievably large, contained yet again inside a galaxy that is so huge its measured in light years. Want to guess how big our little galaxy is? Its one hundred thousand light years in diameter, give or take ten thousand light years.

Now take this and extrapolate to your own awareness within the Collective All. It feels like nothing because it is this boundless sea, but if Alan Watts and everyone else could see what little old me has felt into with the heart of my infinite self you might get to glimpse something that my book addresses which I don't know anyone else is talking about in this time and which is critical in our maturation as a species and it is this- what is the purpose of this vast seeming "nothingness" which is a much much larger infinite being? And how do we relate to that being? And how do we, in this age begin to utilize this vast storehouse of something (which isn't nothing---it just feels so vast as to seem nothing). If I am to give you nothing else its the awareness that we are more than this seeming nothing (its that we become aware of what this seeming nothingness is with a renewed sense of sensing that is more feeling than anything else for its this feeling which comprises the core of this "nothing" which I call a great incredible SOMETHING!).Now don't get the wrong idea..... Its not that in my little me ego that I want the world to not let slip the bonds of the egoic self. Lord have mercy, this is something that we have to do at the beginning of any awakening, putting the ego in the place where it is best utilized (but not running the show). By learning to rearrange the self in the right way, we can find a divine way of being that will reveal a great deal to us. And we can go on in our search not in a blind way, not in a nothing way but in a something way.

We are here to make something. We are here to first realize who we are (love) and what the universe is (love). These things are not nothing. They are something. And The great challenge I give to you my fellow selves is that you discover this great and magnificent mystery!

Now did you get that? Do you really think its just nothing?......

Still, given that, the video is still one of my all time favorites. Now go watch. And let me know if you get any glimmers about this so-called "nothing." I can't be the only one.

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Goldenages said...

Interesting, Awakening is certainly not to nothing - it is to vastly extended being, all that there is. But a certain amount of hard work is necessary to determine what that might be. However, within that being there is a kind of "still state" (discrimination ceasing) that can also be accessed but the exact contents thereof cannot be recalled. Emergent from the still state is an Identity as Creator. This state of consciousness in the same instance, also recognizes that it is responsible for the creation and thus for the pain therein. Accordingly it elects to return to the world to teach, to alleviate pain and so forth. At this point it is required to assemble a replacement ego-structure, the initial construct having been broken up by the Kundalini force.