Friday, March 11, 2011

Entangled Principle of Waveforms

When one becomes two
the two move together
What happens to one
happens to the other.
This creates a wave form.
This wave is the basis for cosmic consciousness.

When one is one only
it resides within individual consciousness
and resides in separation.

Yet nothing truly resides in this
as all atoms
all relationships
become entangled in the sense
that we are all one
or were all part of One
Resting inside the great dream of Creator
we were mere potentiality
and now we have been made real
set free
yet bearing the curious lineage
of the wave form
which is the Divine.

When two come together
they interact
in unison
through the quantum field
and resonate
as one
a wave
which remains
as long as the two remain in similar
energy vibration....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Waveforms reminded me of this..
I think it was Sufism..
the unborn souls are set to
certain rythems and that
determains the path they will
'thread in the future' the word
is Azal..or the day of tuning..
the day when the life plan of a
persons soul is designed..