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Our Ancient Past

We often bemoan how the world seems set on telling us what it is we want.  There is truth to this.  There is truth to how our world serves to keep ingrained old ways of being and thinking. Its a self perpetuating system of collective energetics.  Its one reason why the tide of awakenings on the planet is so hopeful and encouraging to me.  When the collective being begins to move then we can all potentially benefit. Just as there is an awakening with one person and their kundalini energy, imagine the entire collective itself awakening, resonating at a higher vibration.

Companies through time have sought to find ever more effective ways to sway opinion as well as belief.  They will bend belief, knowing they can. They play on our rawest of emotions.  This happens not just on Wall Street but in government as well.  Why else would a peaceful person be moved to blood lust and be in support of, say, an invasion force in a foreign country? If you are quiet and dispassionate and able to step back and then look back at past campaigns (we have one every presidency now) you can see how the sell went.  And its very much a sell.  Never mind that most, if not all, of these campaigns are based on a fiction or the result of our efforts through the covert state to make things appear a certain way (U.S. govt -via CIA- funded and backed Al Qaeda, for instance).

To do all of this means suppressing or distorting the truth.  The process that this takes is often not just an honest breaking of the truth into little pieces so it can be reformed into some other kind of shape but is often simply bent slowly over time in a person's mind until they begin to believe the new version themselves.  The psyche WANTS to believe its doing right and if it can somehow justify this, the self feels more settled and at peace.  Easily you can see just how insane this all is, and yet, its part of our coping mechanisms as a species.  Its how we all can get brain-washed and believe in the most amazing stories or take the most outrageous positions. There is an entire system within our world that works on keeping your opinions formed according to what they want. It involves control of information so that what you get from the very beginning is faulted or slanted in their direction.  It means creating events from the very start that appear a certain way.  With the help of corporate media who is willing to tow the line of certain elites, government and corporations work together---this is what we call fascism folks---in forwarding an agenda that is FOR the government and corporations but not for the PEOPLE. David Rockefeller was quoted in the minutes of a group meeting of the major media outlets not so long ago thanking the likes of Time, Newsweek and others for NOT reporting on certain news, news that would have been harmful to his efforts at building a New World Order  This meeting took place in 1991 at Baden Baden Germany and at the time his words were proved prophetic as he said that  “… it would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government …” 

In breaking away from such a mind set is important in order that we are able to see with clear eyes how this system of control has sought to perpetuate itself at the very highest levels of our business and government.  It is nothing less than an effort to preemptively seek to maintain the same control which has been the  the legacy of our world for countless generations.  These are the same people who seek to push governments into war because war is so profitable.  These are the same people who would sell their own families down the river if they thought it would net them a profit.  Michael Moore said this so succinctly in an interview with the producers of the documentary The Corporation where he said the only reason why they let his movies air is because the elite he is railing against actually thinks that they can make some money off the rope they are selling him, the very rope he uses to hang them with.

Constantly this effort at selling a certain slant of the truth goes on every day.  This happens in a successful way because people themselves are unwilling or unable to listen to their own inner voice and heed instead the voice of authority, of the government, or institution (club, civic organization or religion).  This happens also because people are told to trust their government and these very institutions run by people who have such a slanted view or seek to present slanted or twisted views of how things are. This is how  books that would have been in the bible were kept out.  Some of these books dealt with the concept of healing the whole self, the role of the masculine and feminine in the self as part and parcel of reaching the "kingdom."  Instead, these books were in their time pronounced heretical and were ordered burned along with their sponsors just after that august meeting at Nicea.  It was only because some well preserved copies of these books were discovered in 1945 in the desert at Nag Hammadi.  All of this sounds crazy at first to people when they read it or hear it, but when you study some of these works with a sound eye towards understanding how important it is for us to heal ourselves as part of reaching a better place (and some of the books in the Nag Hammadi point to a way of doing this) but perhaps there is a reason why in our time these books were discovered.  Perhaps we are ready, perhaps its time.

 Gandhi once said that  with any new idea "first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."  In the mean time we continue to work against a tide of resistance which is the human mind, configured whether naturally or through artifice, in order to reach the natural and true fundamentals of truth.  And what are these?  Maybe part of our world is that its a lot stranger than we might want to admit or believe.  By pointing to just about every unusual building that seems impossible to us to have built, Erik Von Daniken in his books created a sensationalized approach to our unusual world.  And to his benefit I would say that absent full knowledge all we have are theories.  For example, its becoming clearer that we had an understand of fixed winged aircraft to the point that we created models of them which show up in the archeological record.  Some have seemed to show up at the temple of Abydos in a rather surprising kind of way.  There, along the lintel of the temple are a cluster of images, almost all of which look to depict a series of aircraft.  Not just one.  One we might be able to dismiss as simply coincidental but representing something else entirely. But at Abydos we have much more than just one. Wat we find is a string of them, all objects that can very easily be seen as aircraft.  One image of this lintel is below:


Our history is not one that is well understood. The image above was discovered in 1848, long before we had helicopters or jet aircraft.  They weren't given a second look until the early 1990's.  Recently, according to news reports, yet another series of images were discovered of helicopters at the  Amon Ra Temple in Karnak.  In researching this story, I was not able to find any images even though a number of writers mentioned the same story. The historians' efforts to explain this is that the carvings are the result of an optical illusion resulting from older carvings being revealed from a still deeper section of the lintel.  The idea here is that there were still more carvings underneath the carvings and it was an effective blending of two images that created the look of a helicopter and other aircraft. 

There are still other examples of this unusual past where things may well have been quite different from what we have thought. 

A succinct article from the web site forbidden history it states:

"In 1954 the government of Colombia sent part of its collection of ancient gold artifacts on a U. S. tour. Emmanuel Staubs, one of America's leading jewelers, was commissioned to cast reproductions of six of the objects. Fifteen years later one was given to biologist-zoologist Ivan T. Sanderson for analysis. After a thorough examination and consulting a number of experts, Sanderson's mind-boggling conclusion was that the object is a model of a high-speed aircraft at least a thousand years old. Approximately 2 inches long the object was worn as a pendant on a neck chain. It was classified as Sinu, a pre-Inca culture from A.D. 500 to 800. Both Sanderson and Dr. Arthur Poyslee of the Aeronautical Institute of New York concluded it did not represent any known winged animal. In fact, the little artifact appears more mechanical than biological. For example, the front wings are delta-shaped and rigidly straight edged, very un-animal-like. The rudder is perhaps the most un-animal but airplane-like item. It is right-triangle, flat-surfaced, and rigidly perpendicular to the wings. Top view Only fish have upright tail fins, but none have exclusively an upright flange without a counter-balancing lower one. Adding to the mystery, an insignia appears on the left face of the rudder, precisely where ID marks appear on many airplanes today. The insignia is perhaps as out-of place as the gold model itself, for it has been identified as the Aramaic or early Hebrew letter beth or B. This may indicate that the original plane did not come from Colombia, but was the product of a very early people inhabiting the Middle East who knew the secret of flying."[1]

Some of these pieces look like this:

An original image of the Columbian amulet pieces

A modern reproduction of one of the Columbian pieces.

An example of one of the pieces that were copied and flown by two American engineers (below)

The link to the article is below:

Airplane Article

Another link on this same site yields an array of unexplainable artifacts such as machined objects like nails and screws encased in limestone, whose layers date back millions of years. There are stories like the one of the silver cup that had stylized floral decorations all around its side discovered in strata that was hundreds of millions of years old.

When I was a college student the mother of a friend who I went to school with explained that her father who was mining coal in West Virginia was amazed to find that they had uncovered a layer of coal that revealed a set of tire prints that went off into the distance. Everyone stood around scratching their heads at this hard to explain anomaly. Finally after a few hours of this, the foreman ordered the tracks taken up and work commenced in the mine. The foreman explained this action as saving everyone from losing out on months worth of work in the mine since they would be required to have archaeologists come in to examine the find and this could take a lot of time. Now this is only a story that I am passing on to you.

When we deal with the issue of these hard to explain artifacts we inevitably cross a confluence of differing currents. First we have arrogance. Never underestimate the power of human arrogance. We proclaim only humans have a soul, and thus the animals we slaughter for our food do not feel. We proclaim through the same arrogance that human advancement has only been significant in the last hundred years or so. Anything before that, and we were merely squalid peasants living in the muck.

This kind of assumption is of course short sighted, yet many of our most learned people jump to it. We have airplanes that clearly ARE airplanes yet because we have no other evidence of their being airplanes in ancient history, we HAVE to call them fish, or birds, or misunderstood or misconstrued anomalies. Or we can consider that our history has only been partly told and that through the ages our documents have been lost. There was a cataclysm that resulted in a giant flood that brought Noah his fame, and when we look into the geology of this event it looks like an incredibly sudden and cataclysmic event. This was enough to push cities near the water under the sea. Perhaps the idea of an advanced civilization existing was more than just a happy myth. Perhaps as some suggest, the earth's axis shifted physically (not just magnetically as has been happening lately) which set into motion a frozen north that was decidedly tropical.  We have found animals fast frozen with tropical plants in their mouths as they were caught quite suddenly by a fast freeze, herds of these animals all in mid-run.

This results in an even weirder thing happening; we take anomalies and ascribe nearly impossible theories instead of just using Occams Razor, which states that all things being equal, usually the simplest explanation is the one that fits.  Instead airplanes that are later reverse engineered are found will fly flawlessly without any "futzing" with the details.  We find a Roman coins and other objects in the New World long before Columbus


Our history is more interesting than anything we probably could even come up with on our own.  One thing I do know in my bones; we will continue to come forward with forgotten knowledge until it finds its way into the mainstream.  The problem with human beings on the planet right now is that the need to control people is seen as all important.  You see it everywhere.   Our media tells us what we want.  Many of our wants are dictated less by our true selves as someone on Wall Street who has products to sell.  When we can shift our awareness to bringing to people what they themselves want, we will maybe get somewhere.  But wait.....some will say all you have to do is look to youtube to see that the world is full of people who express what they want and the high water mark is not that high!  There is a lot of complaining and slamming of other people.  And I think you should expect that with a population as out of sorts with itself as it is.  Lots of grumbling.  Lots of jealousy, anger, and even hurt.  But daily what happens on television is we are seduced by what it is we see.  This form of seduction drives a false sense of want.  If you step back for five minutes and think about what REALY is important to you, you might just find a very different picture.  As different perhaps as the official story fed to us about 9/11 or Egypt and South America and our ancient history and what very likely happened in all truth.  Understand, I don't think it takes a conspiracy for any of this to happen. This kind of thing happens in every moment.  Its a tendency we as humans have that I think we need to work on weeding out of our code of behaviors.  We need to begin a period where we listen to ourselves and know that the answer lies within. 

So here we are.  We are here with all of this incredible confabulation ready to jump quantum-like into something that will be all the more amazing for the fact that what we are about to step into can't be explained with what we have learned in our current world.  So much has been submerged, so much hidden.  So now its time for this period to reveal a deep mystery and this mystery resides within us and within all of matter. It might be a little easier if we are more honest with ourselves, which is that we are everybit as intelligent today as we were ten thousand years ago, the only difference is the ACCUMULATION of knowledge....facts, figures, research.  History has shown as with the Mastadon that things can happen so fast that an animal can go extinct as it runs with grass in its mouth away from the perceived threat and then frozen like that in polar ice.  Could entire civilizations been wiped out just like this? Could, within just a few generations, the memory of a flying ship be forgotten.  If a flying ship was made by one ruler and then ordered destroyed by another, you can BET that a full court press was made to make sure history never remembered any of his or her predecessors achievements.  I am saying this this way because this same scenario has already happened with what may be one of the biggest discoveries of naval history, which was that China had one of the most advanced seafaring navies in the world at a time when Europe was little more than a backwater culturally.  China had a fleet that went to Australia, the Coast of California and South America.  Its a little known fact that was hushed up by an emperor who sought to destroy all evidence of his predecessor and nearly succeeded.    You can read all about it in another blog entry on this site which is HERE.

The world is a wild place.  Amazing, really.  Its waiting to become that garden again.....

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