Thursday, March 17, 2011

Him II

Through the heart
He comes.
He is a shimmering presence
When my Inner Man begins to come forward
his Presence shows the way to be.
I learn to match his vibration
and feel as he feels
and as I do
I ascend into him
which is not like some ancient knowing
but something that never knew time
and has simply been shimmering all this time
but outside of it until I was ready to glimpse
or feel into him.
To do this requires surrender.
This surrender is like a form of deep love.
A willingness to be so vulnerable
for that which is in your best.

He says without saying
this is the healing.
Its not examining your millions of hurts
but feeling differently.
Just feel differently.
As this radiance from Him
comes through
the effect is feeling in a way one has never felt.
Nothing more need be done he says.
Be right first in your self
and then ask for the highest.
Do not be afraid of what that highest brings
for it will always be the best
and most blissful reward.

We are tangles of hopes and dreams
in this world.
Our insides are obscured by what we think is ours.
It is ours
but reflects a broken part of the self
a hurt or traumatized self
that was shoved into the closet
left to be since forever
and this is how its been
lifetime after lifetime.
And for as formaidable as all of that seems
In my Godself
he says
no words
nothing to do
something to BE.

Becoming aware of what we are
is simple
which is what can make it so hard to see.
Our life here seems so hard.
Surely crawling out of this mess must be real work.
But it isn't.

In an awakening
a place where the three vibratory pitches are brought together;
root heart and head
an alchemy occurs
an awakening sends itself through us
as we awaken to another world inside of us
a vibrant neural network
but like another body that you can feel
the soulbody awakens
the astral
the emotional
the physical
all begin to work together
reinforcing the other.
This is the true alchemy.
The refining of the baser into the higher.

Feeling into the heart is a key
and allowing the energy of the root rise upward
as this happens
the truth of the heart
meets the truth of the root
the powerful motivating energy
and become a third in the heart.
They then deliver their progeny heavenward
into the crown
and into the universe.

Simply let it flow
he says
normally you might say
that's all well and good to say
but how to feel?
But in this Awakening
its yours to feel
within reach.
Sometimes its enough to surrender and say
"I do not know how to reach what is mine to reach"
and ways are made known.

The universe is not there to punish
or to hurt.
We do plenty to hurt ourselves.
We do plenty to reflect and attract that hurt to our door.
In this
you learn to open the door
feeling it turning quickly on its hinges
as the world shows that it can turn in a new way.

For each of us
it might be a goddess
for me a godself
a higher awareness
and strong.
When we learn we are but a petal on a larger flower
it does not make us feel insignificant
but all the more precious
as the All in us
cherishes us.
Woven together
the universe is bound
flexible and vibrant
with this love.

And its all within you.
Each of you.
The higher in you is waiting for when you awaken
within It
and until that time
you will continue to be cherished
even though you slumber.

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