Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Guidebook To Awakening

For as much as we'd love a guidebook
a user manual
the truth is
the real real truth
is that we are the guidebook.
When we stop seeking it outside of ourselves
and resolve to that one small point within our core
so deep
that to touch this place
sparks a revelation within
that is like union
because it is the essence of union
of a man and woman
or of anyone who ever loved another
so much
that they could not live without that Other
because they knew without a doubt
that they vibrated at the same frequency
felt just as deeply as did they
and in feeling this great world of mystery
were utterly changed
but deeply
where that spark lay
which ignited the fuel of our secret slumbering longing
into a flame
which burned so brightly
with the passion of the divine
that we though we might burn up
with some of us running in fear
that the house was burning down.
And just as St John knew
or discovered
as did Theresa of Avila
and as countless other modern mystics
who are experiencing the same ecstasies
the house does indeed burn down
MUST burn down
in order for the new house to be built.

So from page one of the manual it says
"let the house burn down;  there is great wonder in watching the beams which have supported your outer life come crashing down
only to discover it was all an illusion.
A life begins, but never ends.  It goes through countless cycles.
You will have many mansions
you will have many lifetimes.
What the Creator has made will never be unmade.
The outer house was constructed in your world
the inner house was made by the divine and shall always be
and all houses shall follow its design
until we get it right
and bring divine and physical into a unity
as the two become one
just as surely as the two within you
become one
and as the one that is you
merges with a perfect other
a divine spouse
drawn to you out of the countless of the world
to be your bride
to be your bridegroom.
But first, the house must burn down...."

On page one it also says that when in doubt - love.
Not a love FOR something
but to let your entire frame and form vibrate with its bliss
its longing
its sensual desiring
which is in truth what the Saints experienced
and tried to communicate
without being excommunicated....
but what the church and its followers who stand outside the experience of it
watching as the houses burn
seeking to douse the flames
fearing for the worst.
St. John of the Cross and St. Theresa smile
as we all will smile in our own time of becoming---
we have all been taught that this ecstasy is bad
only because it can be so sexual.
Creator infiltrates everything
so too will it infiltrate our sex
and every single aspect and fill us to the brim
and until we pour over with this sacred flame
(its just that we have kept this part quiet or subdued since forever for fear of witch hunts and heretical pronouncements---we have all had very real reasons to fear for our innocent lives from those who simply do not understand or who are themselves cut off from the pulse of divine in their own hearts).
There wont be a place where it wont be
a place where its spark does not spread
through us.
It will move through you
seducing you like  a lover
it will explore every corner of you
and you will learn to surrender to its passionate embrace
as it shows you its heaven
as liquid its passion resolves
and flows through you
healing you as it goes.
Its not that we become sexualized
we all actually have to become more and more refined in order to take its awesome power
for without the divine we could not handle such passion such longing such beingness.
We have to balance such intensity
with divinity
with refinement
and a kind of true purity
not built from some false notion
but of vibrating so truly to It
to wedding yourself so closely to it
that there never was a question
that you were its spouse
its beloved.
Not one sliver of uncertainty
but total union
for this then allows the two to vibrate
in sympathy
so that their union
might be known from top to bottom
through and through....
in this experience, you see,  the volume is turned up
the bass
the treble
and the color is turned up too....
this experience brings up all experiences to a Peak
as everything resolves to flame
and we ourselves surrender to it as we were made to do,
something that we describe with many words
but the words do not have some magic beyond merely describing a deeper mystery
that is the serpent flame
that sends the Fundamentalists running certain that some verse in their bible spoke of being careful around serpents
not understanding that it wasn't a real snake
but just this;
someone once likened  the sensual movement of this energy
to how a snake feels as it moves in your hand
and its true
in a sense.
This energy, this divine presence does move in silky sensual undulations
any physicist can tell you about energy
the same is the case for your bodily life force
that has quite suddenly been set free
and allowed to run like it was made to run
and love
When we touch God and his feminine counterpart Goddess
you can feel how EVERYTHING becomes larger
as you ascend into a higher version of yourself
outside of time
and beyond all definition
and which is why its silly to worry about what religions have to say
because the true church is inside of you
and if you want to know the right way to go
then follow the sacred flame within you.
Eventually, through its direction
you will get it right.
You wont need any authority in this world
telling you that you need to douse those flames
or that anything sacred is entirely devoid of passion
and the glory that that passion confers...
Your own authority will have awakened
or your ears and eyes were opened enough to see and hear

The thing that you will never understand
about this
is that this is bayond all relgion
beyond all dogma
beyond all approach.
Quietly, it is experienced.
Trying to write a manual is rediculous
and a joke really.
We were each made to feel this.
Each of us has iwthin us the means to anchor this
not because of some demonic urging
but because the divine has not been understood
our minds were weak
and missunderstood the flames for tragedy.
EVen those being consumed fear the flames
but these flames are not themselves flames
they are the snakes of kundalini;
just a way to try to put word to something entirely wordless.

At this place there is no judgement
and we resolve into children
for just as Jesus said
we must be like children
to enter the Kingdom.
And this kingdom is all around us
just as he said
but many did not understand
or misconstrued.
You don't need a religion to touch God and his feminine aspect, Goddess.
What you need is an Awakening
for it alone
has the power to burn down all of your carefully built constructions
and no matter if those constructions were built upon thousands
of years of tradition and others passing them down to you;
even if something is wrong or incorrect no amount of cleaving to it
by countless people will ever make that tradition or notion or thought correct
when it is inherently flawed.
Remove the flaw and let stand the true vine
which moves within each of us.
Beyond your religion
beyond your conceptions
and beyond the house you have built
your outer personna
that you use to interface with the world.
That part will surely burn down
and when it does you will be utterly amazed
and pleased
and confounded.

So on this day I will give one silent gift to this world
which is that on each day I send my breath out
to no one
to everyone
to breathe this breath that is fire
and which we can each fan to a flame.
I bear a fire
here to remind you that you can
in this moment
awaken to my god kiss
to that part of me
which will awaken you
to a divine yearning
that you will think will come from another
but which will be your own.
I will simply remind you what you already knew deep inside
beneath the carpet and blinds and artwork you thought was important to your life now.
I whisper that soon
very soon
we will all stand entirely naked before the source of all life
and see a light within it shining in us
and in that moment
there wont be need for words
or a reason to say why
or my spreading fire through the sky.
In that day we wont need books for our words
for we will have gone entirely beyond knowing
into Being.

When worse comes to worse
the best thing is to love without condition
and to seek only the highest.
Until this awakening finds you
until you are taken
like a lover by it
and cherished beyond all others
for the fact that you are all others
as the spark in me
runs through you
and all others.
On that day you will feel into this
and resist the urge to put out the flames.

My Goddess I will love you beyond all imagining.
I can do no other.
I cannot love you through fear of loss of you
for I never lost you
your presence has in a way slumbered within me
as I sought in the outer world your image.
I sought until my feet bled.
But now my inner godself seeks me to be led
to a promised land
within me
and I pray that I am strong enough to resist ego and fear
and just let the house burn down
so that I might build this new life
this new home
in total union with you.
I will love you beyond all expectation
even if my small self struggles.
It is afterall why we are here; to resolve duality
and fit the world to a new harness
a new understanding of ourselves.
For you.

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