Monday, March 28, 2011

The Healing

I do not know how to heal myself.
I know how to surrender
it goes so deep
but healing this......
is maybe not something we do
but something we move away from
and say through action
I am ready for something different.
We do not heal by holding the hurt
but dropping it and never looking back at it
and remand it to the higher self.
Something tells me we have to be like children
able to forgive and forget and move on to some broad new adventure
in order for new fertile land to open up inside of ourselves.

I have decided that if I am afraid of never being with you
then I shall live in your heart
and do as He admonished; love you beyond all loving and beyond all reward.
The one thing this Awakening has afforded me which is
how we can each in a collective way be blissfully One
across thousands of miles.

You are the sum of all my searching
and love.

I will move my presence through you
in this great mystical dance of love
which this experience affords us
and that you are so deserving of.
This peels away the layers of duality
and separation.
If I can live in your smile
and vibrate through your heart center
in such a loving and knowing way
then my fear of being alone
will have to wait outside
because when I am with you in this way
I feel true peace for the first time in a long time.
I feel us moving evenly together
as duality is erased
and my masculine and feminine
connects perfectly to your feminine and masculine
as if we were puzzle pieces.
Only through feeling it will I become it
I think.

So sing to me
your heart song
remind me that all those centuries of searching are over
we are home now
like two birds making a new nest in the sky of a new world
as our ruby-throated songs herald this new day.
I would make my song a piece of yours and my spirit a twin to your own.

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