Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Levels To This

There are boundless levels to a kundalini awakening.  This is the great secret of it, the great promise of it, but the self must come to it a bit like a pilgrim, surrendered, ready to let IT work its magic.  As this force assists us in removing the layers that have insulated us from the divine, we find that age old karmas and attachments are dropped.  For me, these make me feel suddenly very vulnerable because some part of me got used to having them so close for so long.  Lifetimes often.

On the morning of Easter, before sunrise I was awakened by a guide who spoke to me his name: Sandalphon.  I had a number of interactions with him that all were of a healing nature.
He bid me go outside and I wondered what was up. In the cool predawn air he spoke to me much as the wind would blow through me.  Through his presence I could feel his words which were always very direct and matter of fact.  He explained that this lifetime was an important one in that we were reaching a time when an old cycle would end and a new one would begin.  I was not sure what he meant immediately. He showed me an image of my lifetimes.  This image was  like looking down a hallway.  There were numerous doors in that hallway. Then, quite suddenly, as he explained the role of this life as being the one where so much would be delivered, I saw how the hallway turned on its side and lifted up.  It felt as though a giant gate had opened and the contents of that entire hallway began to fall out.  The truth was, it felt so overwhelming I wondered how on earth this life could serve as a conduit for all of that clearing.  I wondered if I was getting this all correctly. But he was adamant about this.  There was some means that we could employ that would allow us to remove boundless amounts of hurt from our past and our present, and this time, this life, would serve as the channel, the means by which we would be able to deliver what seemed impossible to move or deliver.  The result was to be nothing short of revolutionary if we are but be willing to entertain the possibility that it could happen;  this whole process over the last ten thousand years or so was involved in a rise of paternalism, an experiment in consciousness that involved a lot of separation and what this does to us without the balancing effect of the feminine energy, the yin, the night to the day.  But just now the curtain is closing and a new act is beginning and everything is about to change.

Once you begin to allow kundalini to work its magic on you, you can begin to see the energy as a helper, someone who will listen to you.  When I am working on an issue and I need the "pressure" of kundalini to come more powerfully into the picture to press all my issues and reveal to me what I need to look more closely at, it obliges.  It can sometimes be hard to trust this force in the beginning, but by letting go and surrendering to it, things fall from us that are not essential.  Something marvelous begins to happen. Miracles, actually.

Its easy to become stagnant even in an awakening.  The energy is still there, yes, but this energy is restless.  It seeks to move us higher.  Our evolutionary impulse moves us beyond what we thought was possible. If we can leave the driving up to the higher self, the divine self, amazing things await.  For me and for you!  Remember that your soul is a vibrant being that is the essence of love.  It is multidimensional and amazing.  Like a wave, this love is experienced as the most wonderful and fulfilling force, rather than just a feeling one might feel FOR someone, it IS what you are!  It draws us ever closer to our essential self as a part of this aligning process.  Let ego drop back into the back of the bus and let our child-like wonder keep us moving forward!



Luna Sea said...

I love this.. this is part of the book?

Him said...

The part with Sandalphon waking me up, yes, but the rest was meant more as a short article on letting go....