Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Way It Works

Everything is in place for you.
The earth trembles in her knowing
and her yearning
that you should awaken to your true home
which is deep within her bosom
alive and renewed in your awakening.

So I will give you a shortened version of how it works....
First you awaken.
This is the divine infrastructure infiltrating you.
The trigger is not simple to find
it rests within the soul, the self, and body.
Once flipped
its like a bell that cannot be unrung.
Its vital force might stop for some reason
that is the physiological counterpart to the experience
but there is more.

To refine means to let go.
This is the burning down of the self
the "killing off of the ego" some speak of.
You know how I feel about that
so next in this refining is perhaps understanding
that you have three basic levels in yourself
and in surrendering you allow each level to live within you
as a unity
instead of in separation.

First is your reptile self.
If you look into the brain there rests a perfectly formed reptile brain
inside of you.
Second is your Mammal brain which sits atop the reptile brain.
It looks just the same as any other mammal.
Third is your Ape brain, the part that we tout as setting us above all other life on the planet.
its not that we are above anything
its that our bodies have expressed this next phase which any life here can develop if it chooses.
In the collective self of our species we chose this path.
We each develop through all of the forms on earth....the fish and salamander, the reptile, and finally the human form all while gestating in the womb.  We retain all forms in a sense. Our being is built on a triadic nature.....perhaps our ancient forms still present in each body because its also in our souls....
so what is within is without.

The reptile is our most animal nature.  Left alone, it makes a mess of the world.  It has raped and pillaged and taken more treasure than we can even begin to measure.  But this part of us must rise upward.....pure animal impulse...feel its pure power and then add to it the tempering of the mammal in you. This mammal self has more heart, more reflecting upon what is better for the tribe.  Still, we can war and rape and pillage because we need one other part of ourselves at play, which is the triadic secret of our being and if you can learn to bring these all three into a unity of being then you will experience how divine life here can be for our triadic self.  The addition of our highest brain does not stop us from being as destructive as a reptile might be.  What does is the WILL to stop and consider a better way.  Certainly the ape forebrain helps and has brought us slowly to a better place but the next step is to bring all of these energies into a unity with the power of the Awakening.  As we do this the power of each aspect rises within the other, illuminates the other, fulfills the other.  Somewhere inside of us is the perfect arrangement.  Its a careful balance, but an Awakening can help you find it if you let it.

Father, Mother, and the Christed Son.....the triad.  our inner being....masculine and feminine within each of us gives birth in our healing....our union with those aspects within the Christ consciousness or Buddha nature.  These each move one into the other and are not cast aside or forgotten or treated as bad but understood as simply misunderstood and then brought together.  Creator made no mistake; each part is important and as long as you seek to repress your irrepressible nature you will not be easy with your divine nature.  You see, the animal in you is the raw flame....and this flame will refine as it moves upward into your nature.  It is as it should be, shall be.  This came from page 47 in the book of Awakenings (its the owners manual).  Its pages can be felt rustling within your heart.....

Triadic.  Its the nature of All.  From this union of self and from All will come a love completely unbounded.  Larger than any sea you might visit or conceive.....

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