Friday, March 18, 2011

There Has Always Been a She

who has Awakened
in this way
not my way
but Its great way
its sensual bliss
crawling all over you
making a lover of you
becomes an adherent to a heresy
which is that we become
with an expanding sense of self.
This means we find union within our masculine and feminine energies.

In that expanding self
is what we are in these larger scales.
And that is divine.
God and Goddess
are within us
heretical to suggest
but its true.
So true.

Outside of time
as you step
into bliss
into this rapturousness
uproaringly wonderfilled
you can see simply how god and goddess
are merely reflected throughout all of being
all realities.

Even in our suppressed history
She was there with Him (some proof exists below).
She was there because he needed her
and she needed him.
Consciousness was ordered masculine and feminine
not masculine creating All
but masculine and feminine working together to create
and birth
in the same way that we fertilize and gestate and birth in the physical...
Our ancestors knew she was necessary to his sanity
and he was necessary to hers.
He turned mean and warlike
when we stripped him of her
and burned her essence out of the temple
only because some of us hated something in themselves
and loathed women for some reason.

Just say it.
You hated the woman in you.
Perhaps your inner man hated himself
and you didn't even know why.
Maybe it was their wonderful power.
Maybe it was because you forgot where you came from.
Maybe your own inner masculine was so repressed
you had to hack and burn your way through
to now
as gentle and loving hands say
"no more"
we need her badly now....
more than we need your killing
and your loathing
and heresy.

Its time to let the bullshit go.
We all know it.
Let it drop by the wayside to become compost for
tomorrow's flowers.
Lets all choose to heal it
pray for it
and let it all go
as we are ready.

Lets just let it go.
Man needs woman
and woman needs man.
They were born of a divine lineage
Its really very simple.

So once She was worshipped
as our ancestors knew
and understood how important it was
to have the feminine within.
Even men knew she had to make up his masculine.
It was her very presence
that drove his amazing passion
and sensitivity
and it was his forcefulness
and certainty of touch
that brought Her into a knowing of her power as Woman.

How could it be any other way?
So lets each speak the heresy
and laugh
because it never was a heresy
but a truth.

She was burned out of the temple by people
so unaware
to see or feel
or smell
or live
in their love
and knowing
of what She was and is
all about.
These are the same people
who fear that with the rise in kundalini
that some serpent is finding its way into
their church.
Laughing, do they understand it really has nothing at all to do with a snake?
Or that countless Christian Saints felt this very same thing
but called it ecstasy
because if they had used the movement of a snake as a descriptor
they would be tossed out by the same fear mongering
By calling Her we speak of a depth of bravery that has not been in a while--
yes it is time to reinsert the feminine back into spirit
(as if she ever truly left)

I am calling her to me.....calling her to me....
where is my goddess?
I raise my arms high
up to the sky
I call down the moon
and feel the wind
and rain fall upon my face
as all of nature rises up to meet me
in this one beautiful embrace;
I call her
I call...

To learn more about how the God of the old Bible
and the Goddess that were part of a spiritual family unit
go here:

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