Friday, May 6, 2011

The Emergence of the Goddess

We are more than we realize.  If we can't touch taste or feel it with our senses, it means it does not exist.  This legacy has been brought to us by an aspect of humanity that became disentangled from its feeling centers, and from its intuitive grounding.  In essence, this was something that was oriented towards a more masculine and mental/egoic way of relating to the world and is for the most part, how much of us have been oriented.  What kundalini has been doing all this while has been to orient me towards something I could not see or touch or smell but which was very much alive and real within.  The problem for us is that we have grown not to trust that part of us.  What is happening right now en masse, however, is a spreading awareness of the other side of this cognitive coin which is that the more feeling and inner sensing side of our beings are getting ready to come forward in a more collective fashion.  It heralds the emergence of the divine feminine, that part of us which is of a higher order awareness, a collective self or being that resides in this sparkling world of possibility that we can very easily set aside as not real.  We have been lulled into this sense that what is inside of us is not real.  What we need most in this time is what is not real, then.  What we need is to make this unreal thing real in our world, to stop refusing its entry and begin to celebrate its presence amongst us both within and without us.

It is a recognition, celebration, and honoring, of the goddess within and without all of us;  in our bodies as an energy which connects us to the whole at the deepest core levels, as a psychic archetype that exists in our myths, legends and dreams, and as a guiding force beyond us and within us, whether we are aware or not.  By simply choosing to let Her in, we signal a change.  This change need only happen in a handful of people, numbered in only thousands, not millions, for the rules have changed in this age as it concerns this kind of change. The race has chosen a path of resonant influence as a way to effect massive planetary change.  If you read through this blog you will find other references to this principle that is alive in us in a way that is has not shown itself before.  We can quite literally bring change from the inside out.  So by choosing to honor that vibration which you know to be the goddess, you bring the collective voice to a greater volume, pitch and intensity.  This is not magic, but its not always understood, least of all by the mainstream biological sciences, but the tide is changing.

A kundalini awakening can fuel a powerful drive towards integration of a whole slew of things within, but what I have found over and over is that you have to be ready for this change.  For my own, this process has put me in very different waters.  I had built my professional career a certain way and found myself at a loss when I was faced with such a change.  I went from being someone who drove the wagon, held the reins, to stepping aside and letting that something else do the driving.  This has meant understanding all of my foiables as just that, forgiving myself as well as others, and moving on. By doing this those things which we hold onto which have a magnetic reality and which stay in our energy fields and spirits, we actually change our energy so that it sends out a different pulse, a different vibration.  For a long time I was left at total odds as to what to do in this new way of doing things.  It was quite literally like staring up at a blank screen.  I would look at it and think "Now what?..."  When we let go, we let in our higher purpose, our higher energetics, which is what I call Divine Energetics, and its a combination or matrix of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual elements which go together to make up the world we know.  One very big thing for me is learning to build a bridge to that aspect of me which I know to be feminine.  Without the feminine in me, the masculine part of me would not have the tempering effect that it does.  By learning how to honor that part in me I am able to honor that part in a more refined way in the world, but I will say that it is not me that seems to be doing the refining but rather this refinement seems to me to be coming from those higher-source archetypes which are me but are also plugged into the larger scales of consciousness, which includes a collective awareness and a vast sea of feeling, knowing, and being (I know this sounds rather grandiose, but we need I think to become aware of where these things go and emerge from in order to not mythologize them too much or to add dogma or other distorting ideas into the mix which has been our tendency for countless centuries).  In an awakening this becomes increasingly important for not developing blind spots and for integrating those elements which come from the higher into the "lower" or more "local" parts of me which is my earthbound self.

Many years ago I had a vision that involved what I later knew to be the White Buffalo Calf Woman.  I saw her in the form of a friend, and wondered if she WAS the White Buffalo Calf Woman.  For those who do not know, White Buffalo Calf Woman is a goddess being amongst the Plains tribes that brought the sacred rites of the Lakota, and served as a humanizing force in the history of the culture.  She was also supposed to return, and we would know this time when there would be the birthing of white buffalo calves.  Well, over the last 20 years there have been a rise in the births of these white bison calves. This is seen by the Lakota as a powerful sign that we are entering an important part of the Cleansing Time upon the earth.  This Cleansing was seen as a natural response to the state of health of the earth not just as a biological organism but as a spiritual one and the Hopi have a lot to say about this.  This is a subject close to me because as a young man of 18 I found myself in the middle of an intense memory from my past life as a Native American man who was being told about a day in the future when the earth would be going through a cleansing time, a time when I would be present as a new person.  That I would witness the White Buffalo Calf Woman showing herself was not a huge surprise after I began to learn what all of this Cleansing business was about.   And while some may wait for an individual to step forward who might be the White Buffalo Calf Woman, my feeling is that She will move through the culture of earth as a whole, a giant rippling in the Collective, of our higher aspects seeking to know its divinity (which the White Buffalo Calf Woman certain is) less individually (but certainly individually) but more as a whole. This is where Her true power will radiate, this is where Goddess, in ALL of her forms will begin to be known within and without. Here her great potential will be known as we begin to learn the deepest secret of our being, of those forms that exist in seemingly small scales within us, but that spiral outward seemingly beyond us into forms that are extensions of our own consciousness and that weave us into the All (as those higher selves are themselves part of stil larger constructs of consciousness in the same way that cells in our bodies are part of a massive interconnected and cooperative whole).

These forms exist within us  and when we begin to integrate greater and greater amounts of conscious energy, we also can tip the scale towards an understanding of this identity as a collective as well as on the individual level.  I suspect that this is what we are doing.  In much the same way that Jesus spoke in many gospels (many which were not allowed into the King James' version however) that spoke of how others could embody the same spirit as he did (with the implication that we could all become Christs, joined through the father......except in his day he either could not or would not speak much of the mother, the feminine compliment in the psyche of the higher self).  In this way we can become channels for those higher aspects of consciousness which are us but which seem so expansive we have a hard time believing its even us.  But it is. My feeling is that we ought not be merely curious, but engaged in this time in who and what we are, to give all of what we are in this because each person makes a difference in the game now, and the game can be changed.  This is why we are here.  Not so long ago this was spoken by a Hopi elder: 
These are the End times and the people must know the truth, share what we have taught you. There can be no more secrets now if we are to survive as a thinking species through these times." "This," they say, "must be done because the dream of humanity can only be preserved through the combined efforts of all peoples, and the joining and merging of all cultures into a oneness."  (Statement of the traditional Hopi Elders as told to Cho Qosh Auh Ho Oh, a Chumash/Yaqui/Maya Native)

So as we run up to the time when we will reach what the Hopi call the "Third Shaking" we know that this is related to big earth movements, most notably volcanic eruptions which come in waves.  This last one is getting close and by watching what the Yellowstone cauldera has in store as its dome builds, we all wonder where this will come from, this third shaking.  But this shaking is the goddess, the feminine principle that is earth that reacts, responds to what has been happening upon it.  That we are spoiling her in the way we have been doing is testament to how things must change if the planet is to sustain life.  Life itself will not allow too much of itself to be destructive, to bring the rest of the house down with it without in some way responding, reacting, balancing the scales.  This is not retribution, but preservation through a principle that is built into the very core of all matter.  It is alive in our world and as we dump tritium into the Mississipi, as the destroyed Fukashima nuclear power plant is allowed to dump Mox (weapons grade radioactive material) into the ocean, or make Iraq and Afghanistan a wasteland of radioactivity through the use of DU (depleted uranium--this metal is hard enough to penetrate armor and will vaporize upon contact, spraying the area with a mist of radioactive particles akin to a dirty bomb and lethal for anyone near it at the time.....a legacy we have sown for our military and those who remain in those countries we have polluted), the earth feels all of this and will respond.  

                                            White Buffalo Calf Woman by Brett Stokes

Everything that I was shown in that vision from my past life as a native American man dreaming the thunder beings tells me that this is true and that life here will change in a rather drastic way if we continue on the path that we are on.  The Goddess, dressed in her power, will emerge to effect those changes which will change the game, life here on the planet.  

So whether we see the white buffalo calf woman in others or simply forge a stronger understanding of ourselves as an interesting mix of character traits which themselves set up an energetic dynamic that both repels and attracts depending on how each person is composed, we in one way or another learn to integrate these parts of ourselves in a way that is more harmonious and inclusive.  In this way the goddess is reflected throughout all of creation, and this I think is as it needs to be, because we are all in dire need of her in our lives.  I know I do. I know that the goddess in all of her forms continues to rise to the surface of my collective awareness, in my experiences along the path of kundalini, and so I am moved to speak this truth, to speak her through me since I myself am integrating those lost aspects of myself which I know I must surely have if I am to survive this time in a way that is born of an emergent paradigm.

Isis and Osiris by Susan Seddon Boulet

The one thing that I have been taught in my ancient past is that balance will be maintained.  Since there is no death, our moving from the stage while seemingly disruptive to our day to day lives, would be just another shift in our path.  Life here is not some accident, but is itself the result of careful calculations, intentional choices that resulted in a cradle that was to bring forth a broad range of life.  Some of this life exists as a vestige of what it once was (dinosaurs) while other forms are being given a voice as something larger oversees and helps move larger blocks of energy as evolution winds its way very slowly most often, but sometimes occurring in bursts of brilliant change.  We have ourselves sought to have this earth be erased of most life in order to start all over again, one through a direct hit in the Carribean/South American region, and another from a large comet.  This is the dynamic nature of creation and the great womb that is the goddess Gaia that can remove life and start over almost from scratch.

This has its reflection in the world at large. The feminine principle is coming forward in a way that it has not in ages, and it is time. it is time that we begin to understand the great power of the feminine in our world at all scales of being; what it means to us individually as well as a planet.  With a world culture that is slowly loosening its grip of control and oppression to women, as doors begin to open and a new breeze blows through our worldly institutions we recognize its our minds and hearts which are being changed, too.  It feels synergistic to me, that its bound to happen but not fated. We decide. Some days we leap forward, some we fall back.  Together, as a species, we are working out so much.  I am convinced, though, that I am here to witness the emergence of the feminine principle in ourselves coming forward into the world in a way that it has not done before.  We do this in big and small ways and every effort to bring it forward is needed, important.  In the end it seems to mirror some inner resolution going on within us collectively and individually.  The divine feminine is the collective female in everyone, the goddess, that aspect of us which is intuitive, feeling, which does not seek control but brings a sense of compassion,  care and healing into the moment.  But as we all let Her into ourselves more, we also find ourselves loosening up more, feeling an innate sensuality and ease with ourselves.

Much of the things that seemed to loom large in our mythological world was really aspects of ourselves projected into forms that we could look at, understand, know objectively.  Now is the time to do what John Campbell certainly must have suggested, which is to do the work of integrating those aspects into our day to day lives.  And this is my prayer, my simple hope in my own journey.  As we move closer to a day when we honor the Mothers in our lives, let us not forget Her in her collective wonder and how she can find her way into each of us in a way that is clear and understood and worshipped with awe, wonder, and love for all that she gives us.


Most of the artwork contained in this blog is the work of one of my most favorite artists.  Her name is Susan Seddon Boulet. While she passed from this world in the late 90's, she left behind a wonderful world of art that expressed her interesting mix of concerns spiritually.  Her work can be found here.

P.S.  For those who would like to know more about some of the indigenous prophecies this site does a pretty good job of bringing forth some of the issues that are at hand:

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