Thursday, May 5, 2011


Kundalini is the infrastructure for enlightenment
but is not the enlightenment.
It is the wind of change
but not the change that happens.
An awakening will support and begin to suggest
but it will never demand.

You alone determine this.

This is a wedding of the higher to the lower.
You do not dissapear
but you might begin to melt.
Some fear this melting
and will hold on for dear life.
I did.
The melting is merely moving into a gentler
and kinder kind of energy.
The real truth
is in letting the kinder energetic
into your life
a world of action and realization
on the physical plane.

Within you is a whole range of energies.
You can choose where along the dial you focus.
What you focus on will speak of where you are
and your actions will reflect this.

But no matter how hard you try with your actions
you can never contain something that you first
do not feel.
If you cannot contain it
you cannot become it
and seeking to anchor it in your life
will be a hollow body
holding nothing of consequence.
Equally do actions contain intent
if the intent is truly there.

In my case, my intent was to have my life change.
And boy did my life change!
Each time I have been careful not to curse the change
but embrace it and see it for what it is.
Sometimes the change that comes shows me precisely where I need to refine
because that lack of refinement shows up in the event or the people who come into my life.
Students, friends, customers, clients, family and more....
they all will reflect aspects
of where I am inwardly
seeking to project and create outwardly...

Going beyond now
into an infinity of nows
wedding the higher with the lower
as each creates a synthesis
and brings each into a new place.

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