Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rule #1

There are no rules
save the ones we make
and the ones we make
we better be ready to conform to
lest those who count beans
and dust motes
catch their eye on our nonconformist ways.

The way to heaven
is through the self
While This is about union
and unity
each of us goes by that gateway
but carried
by All.

The way forward
is not through the promise of some reward
some carrot dangled before us
for expectation leads to suffering---
and what if your karmic cords are bound up in your not succeeding
or being a failure somehow.
Bad combination.
So this can't be about you or me or uncle Ned
but the single star of your soul
as it shimmers and shines
and realizes
it is the bliss
it has been seeking.

You are the love
you seek.

We are our infinite.

You are the bliss
that you yearn for
and would die for a hundred thousand times
and the loves lost were all in a sense illusory
for the fact that no love every existed outside of you
but shone brightly in the mirror
of your soul.

Your soul is perfect
a miracle
even though earthbound
slow to see
your earthly eyes might not perceive the brilliance
but will in time come into itself
its Divine Alignment
that axial point of the self
a miracle
but one that must be found alone
one one's own.
If we seek this with the hope of reward of another
for another
with another
we reinforce the same age old pattern of separation
through expectation
which leads to all of Buddha's sufferings....
for love is not to be won
nor is it a commodity
or given to the elite
or elect.
It is the very nature of us
who and what we are.
It is not to be bartered
but given and discovered
as the great truth of You is made manifest
in this one simple moment
as a world of you
rises into this frame
leaps like flame
and bids you come
the gate is narrow
not wide
as we each go to find the miracle that exists inside...

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