Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why I am Here

I am Here
to remind you
of the great love that you are.

I am not here to move mountains
but to remind you that you can, and will, move them,
for I am only one man
and simple.

I do not have that power
but you do.

I am here also to remind you of the beauty that is your soul
and how that beauty can manifest itself
in ways you could never even dare imagine.
I can imagine
for I know
the beauty that is you.

Shed your light,
all of you.
You are the collective voice
the collective love
and beauty
which will be the deciding factor
in making a new world manifest.

I am here to simply remind you
that you can
and that you will
if you but hear that which is in my small voice
trembling on this precipice
the wordless wonder
that you are.

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