Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Particle and Wave

Could it be, just as we feel inside that everything is made up of those energies which we know are masculine and feminine in nature pervade everything in our world? When I think of how males tend to work on balance in their thinking and interaction with the world, theirs is very particulated.....particle-based mental methods for approaching things.  Logical.  Left-brained often.  And women, like a wave, move in more emotional, feeling ways, very left brained, holistic.  Capable of seeing more forest, not just trees.  Men get caught up in the minutae and women sigh and smile, and look at how everything looks together.  Women need to do that because they are always thinking about the good of not just their own, but those who make up the family....and tribe.  Men often look only beyond the immediate...and can make decisions based on more fragmented evidence or facts.  Men will take an idea and run with it, women will ask "but how does that relate to how it will make us feel, how will it impact us later on down the road and why make a decision that is based on so few considerations?  Men will take things apart piece by piece in order to understand how the pieces go together whereas the woman is less concerned about the pieces of the engine or clock, their questions is will it tell me the time next week and will the car operate in its own mysterious way well enough to get me to the doctor's office and to the market?

Is it possible that the masculine is oriented toward particle consciousness whereas women are more aligned with the wave form?  And if this is so, then is it also perhaps the case that what the world needs now is the wave instead of so much reductionistic thinking, linearity and particlized ways of looking at things? And in an awakening, isn't this bringing us to the glory of this wave?  Is it possible that one part of this experience IS the wave.....BEING the wave in order to continue what kundalini is, this energy that connects us to an infinite inneffable sense of being?  Is it the particle of the male which moves into the feminine, which energizes and fertilizes it with its seeming opposite energy in order to create the "aha" moment, or the moment when life creates life?

See, I observe something in myself as well as my art students as they go to create.  I observe some behaviors that suggest to me that all of this is connected in the entirety of everything, and that it connects all things to all things.  I look at how light is not just a wave but also is a particle, how water goes from wave to particle, how all energy moves from particle to wave form....and consciousness is itself why haven't we made this connection....or have we?  Did the Hindus suggest this by saying everything in nature is connected to the masculine and feminine energies in some shape or form and do we see this crop up in quantum theory, in how all energy expresses itself in the duality of both particle and wave?

I think so.  It FEELS right to me (and I am writing about this in my book which is suggesting a new book based on something I am now calling Divine Energetics....but hopefully it wont be a dry reductionistic particalized way of expressing and communicating something that resides in all of us and which....if we can take the drift and apply it to being aware of it in ourselves...perhaps we can take that awareness in order to begin seeing into the infinite field before us....)

Ok ok....breathing deep into the wave....

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