Saturday, May 14, 2011

How This Changes

As an artist, this experience has changed the way I look at art making.  I have found that I am best when I become a channel for this energy in my work.  This takes the artmaking out of its usual context.  It goes into collaboration, into whole new areas I had not thought much about.  Also, there is something to be said about I began to consider the role of the masculine and feminine energies in creation, how I wanted to begin to bring these energetics closer into focus in my work I found that I had someone approach me with a commission to produce work for a larger sculpture that wound up being a piece that integrated masculine and feminine aspects into the work!  Now how could I have advertised for a better job than that?  It simply came to me.  Art became more of a shamanistic process, I realized, as it helped to convey subconscious material to the conscious, which often leads to healing.  Just like how I very recently had a memory from a past life explain why I had a pain in my heart, it seemed just realizing where it came from helped me to release this stuff lodged in me, and it floated away....

I have always tended toward abstraction in my sculptural work.  I have been fascinated with how I could transmit spiritual ideas in ways such as this. Once the Awakening hit and I began to integrate it better, I found that my ideas began to resolve in more figurative concepts. That is to say that a lot...nearly all....of the ideas I have thus far conceived of involving my most recent experience has to do with using the figure as the measure.  The thing has been getting time to do this work which represents a change in media and way of working. Ideally these figures would be larger than life size.  This makes them no simple matter to construct and move around. 

The work remains to be done. I hope that I can begin it.  So many questions swim around as to technical issues, but just as I have taught my students, we simply jump in feet first and worry about the details later because they always have a way of resolving themselves as we go along. 

How has a kundalini awakening changed how you live your life?  Has it changed how you eat, see the world, or what you buy into or purchase at the market?  Do you find yourself being more creative?  Less? Do you write now when you hadn't before?  What has changed for you?  Or has it been so subtle that its hard to express how you have been changed?  Do you find it hard to focus on details, do you feel caught up in the vastness of what this experience offers? Is it simple instead of vast?  Send me your thoughts and I will publish them here.  Do you write poetry?  Music?  Paint?  If you have a web site, I will link to it.  Do you make something that you think makes life better?  Let me know, perhaps I can provide our other readers a view into your world.  Simply send a comment to the blog with the information. 


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