Monday, May 2, 2011

Without Condition

True Love
is without a condition.
Freely given
like the sun shines.
I spoke to a man
who shrugged
and turned away
as I explained
that the kingdom he wanted to come
would come when we loved unconditionally.

Even a man who is hated
who has killed
or done bad things
cannot be refused this love
for this love must flow
or else it ceases to be love
but becomes corrupted.

Without unconditional love
we simply would not be.
If we treat our enemies
like they are not our enemies
we cease having enemies
and begin to see
and feel

It not a weak person who does this
but someone very strong.
It takes an uncommon woman
or man
to feel this profoundly
to let his or her heart beam so powerfully
and yet when you feel it open up in this way
you know that there IS no other way
except the way of soul death
or blindness
where an eye for an eye
leaves us unable to see
beyond ourselves.

People do not realize how steeped they are
marinating in hurt
Their hearts have been blinded by this greater world
this world we are searching for
within ourselves
every second of the day.

Giving love does not mean that you condone evil acts.
Giving love is merely what must be done to live
to be alive
to be a holy person
a Christian
or Muslim
or Zoraster
or Sufi
or a hundred different paths.

They all resolve around love
because love is the great equalizer
the great truth of our higher selves.
Perhaps instead of hating gleefully
we should let love shed some light
on why some feel the need to attack others
and see what shedding loves light there might do.
Its not a silly proposition
but the only one
that will in time
result in peace
and love.

May you find unconditional love today
and all days....


Elle said...

Ha Ha, of all days i needed this today. I had a kundalini awakening about 18 months ago and am finding the pace of learning and change full of least today...every day is something new! Today i learned the power and necessity of love, and also that love is basis of all religions, just like i read here. Beautiful! Can i ask how long ago you had your awakening? It seems you have a lot of experience with this stuff! I'm ignorant at the moment. I had no idea about religion or divinity before my awakening; and now there's nothing else!

Him said...

Welcome Elle! I am glad that this message came at a good time. My Awakening occurred over about a six month period beginning in about August of 2006. It wasn't until February of 2007 that the energy got completely situated in my system, and its been a fixture ever since.

I am building a resources page and have a lot more to add in the way of sites that help in constructive ways with understanding this. More to come as time goes on...any pages you or others care to suggest or add, please feel free to share. Things have been very busy lately and I haven't had the time to do the considered looking and digging that I usually do!

The single biggest help for me was to get out of my mind by simply going into feeling. We don't exit the mind ever, just like we don't really kill ego, but its all a matter of balance and focus I think. If the awakening is strong enough we can have thoughts with the energy burning strong. Surrender helps the most and when in doubt; its all about the love. By surrendering to it my insides loosen and I am in a much better space. By seeking to remove old material from my insides I find that the energy brightens, clarifies, and is easier. I hurt internally only when I am not in alignment with its energy. By aligning, I train my body and self how to Be with It.

Best of luck with all of it. It is a challenge but it is also a blessing, too!