Saturday, May 14, 2011


This opens
like the smallest seed possible.
This seed is interconnected to everything
its essence lies in all other things
because it is the essence of All.
You need not know more than that
to find the  place where this seed opens.

When you wake
you awaken the seed in you.
Like a spark,
it grows
and widens
and it builds in all of you
the knowing that is beyond knowledge
and whose truth
is united in love
for without its guiding rudder
you are rudderless
in this
the waking.

This seed grows
in the world
that is
super position.
This is why it eludes so many.
We live here, like corpses really
existing in particalized consciousness
prisoners of mind
until the moment comes when particle is ready to jump into the wave.

When you learn about superpostion in your being
you learn what you must
to bring the spark
that cracks open that seed in you
and it spills itself out in you.
Only by this
will you come
by the world
invisible a moment before
now visible
and amazing.

Mustard seed.
Spreading wide
it is a kingdom
first like a drop
but opening to a giant boundless ocean.
This was what He meant
when he spoke of this world of the mustard seed
spreading out before us....
and if you would know its mystery
you need to be easy with more mystery
mother of the inneffable
she will show you all the love
that you need
as father of illumination fills you
each belongs to each
as they spiral upwards
carrying you
beyond your particalized awareness.
Spread your seed far and wide
let the creative force
like a wave
spread over the land
let each soul
discover the seed of their greater becoming
as its branches spread out before us all
and gives us the shelter we need
the love
and compassion
that we so badly need
in this world....

Pythagoras asked that he be accepted into the mystery schools
but they said
"we are not interested in knowledge
only experience"
and so he asked what he had to do
and they prescribed the secret:
eyes closed
focused on the third eye
then you might be a changed man.
Only then would they accept him
the greatest mind of his time rebuffed....

He returned to Egypt
a changed man.
He had done as they had said
and in this is a secret to you all
for lying dormant in you is the spark
that shall awaken that seed
of the great mystery within us all
a wave that you learn to ride
and once you are on that wave
are forever changed.

This is the secret knowledge
which is beyond all knowing
for to reach that place
means you are ready for mystery
and this is why they were mystery schools.
This was where He studied.
This was where the tale of the mustard seed was conceived.
Here, in Egypt,
where his mother was a high priestess of the greatest of mysteries
was where he was awakened
where he learned the secrets of super position
in sparking the awakening that is the birthright of each person.

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