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 Some time ago, there was a rise of a priest culture who sought control of a part of the cosmic pie.  Their purpose was not to let deeper spiritual truth reign, for truth itself, as known by the Ancients, was like the wind.  Each person's truth was changeable in the old ways, and yet this new tide of change involved men who sought to gain control, and power.  Their purpose, they knew, was to demonize the Old Ways, the Old Knowledge. The first thing was to make the Knowledge of the Underworld, the Earth, and our collective subconscious, a thing that could no longer be trusted.  Anyone who cares to can follow history and see how the older religions had their central figures either appropriated or demonized.  Since the energetic of this involved large tracts of awareness that was part of the feminine side of consciousness, the female was suspect.  This was a rise of the mind, ego, and an inability to see deeper into the mist of the Great Mystery.  Life was no longer sacred in the way it had been in context with an ineffable sense of the greater womb of life.  Lineages shifted from the woman to the man, even though it was the woman who could best keep track of with whom she had had children with, rather than an often transient male.  Life became commoditized (I just made up this word). 

Since then, we have seen large numbers of women who were killed because it was suspected they were witches.  This is the dogma of fear, and we very much use this same sword to justify going to war with a country that has yet to be inculcated in what was alleged (like aiding terrorists for example). The fear card plays as well today as it did thousands of years ago, so this is something for all of us to bear in mind as we move through our present day. 

The Priest culture sought to keep the feminine out of the process as much as possible by keeping their own priestesses more like slaves than anything. It was in truth a sad time, but for some an exciting time of change.  Slowly, sometimes quickly, this new paradigm sought to move its roots into the minds and hearts of as many people as possible.  It was successful because it sought to sow fear instead of trust in our deeper being. That deeper being, our infinite being, became a world that was called Hades, ruler of the Underworld.  The snake, which had been a symbol of the carrier of the energy of Awakening was used in stories that sought to make this symbol into an enemy. 

The job of selling this new religion involved grafting some of the old beliefs onto the new,  that meant using some of the same language of the divine such as sacrifice, resurrection, and the family unit of the father, mother and child as a paradigm for understanding human consciousness as it climbed the ladder of spiritual ascension. Everything that was of that realm was either demonized or appropriated and our awareness moved away from these deeper places.  This did not happen with one person, but rose up through a collective who sought to move a new tide upon the world. Woman became the demonized one, the one who facilitated the Fall, and it was the snake, the wise one from a still older tradition that included not just the Egyptians, but also the more western traditions of the Celts and Picts. While woman was still present, she was not called the Great Mother, but the Holy Ghost (see the gospel of Phillip where he questions why Jesus would have been born of a woman who had begotten with the Holy Ghost, which was known even then to be the feminine aspect of the Creator).  To admit that woman had a place at the spiritual table would have admitted her primacy as part of the triune spirit that makes up our very being.  This very much happened with the Native People of North America when it came into contact with the paternalistic spin on spirituality replete with control and development of something called "Divine Providence."  Their father god had given them the right to go forth and not just take over this new land but to impose their beliefs.  We know the images of savage Indians ready to scalp took over the imaginations of westerners.  The real truth was these sovereign beings sought to oust these invaders.  Scalping itself took place as a result of the whites paying for scalps to those Indians in the east who were in the pocket of whites. Here, an aspect of us trampled all that they held dear, and desecrated the breast and womb of the great Mother Earth. 

Time now to give Woman her rightful place in the "order" of mystery and luminous being, to enshrine her again as we learn to honor that which has been reviled, feared, and swept under the cosmic rug.  

It is now time to see clearly what was done in order to begin to undo the centuries of mistrust, to see that what was labeled was merely labeled, and that "truth" is indeed changeable, that the real constant in this world is Meaning, for we all need meaning, but truth changes from person to person in accord with the path they walk at any given time. A snake in one culture was used to describe the quality of the energy that moved in an Awakening, yet in another, the truth of the snake was viewed through the lens of mistrust and fear.  This was not by accident. This was a creation by humans seeking an agenda. This was the act of gaining adherents, a giant, far-reaching, and cosmic sales job, of building market share (and you do this at the expense of your competitors) The process of demonizing was to undercut confidence spiritually, and open up the Way to new adherents.  Sow fear, then gather converts. If its sounds crass, then consider that real people were involved in a process of doing this while in high places.  It also meant that any mention of woman being important in this new Path needed to be scrubbed.  If you go back to what happened in Constantine's time, what books were kept out, you might begin to get an idea, but it takes some looking (and some books did not surface until very recently in the desert of Nag Hammadi

The path forward, now though, is not one of uncertainty but of a budding glowing knowing that goes beyond all dogma, beyond all religion or path.  Krishnamurti offered the world the idea of the pathless path. It was not a Way that was without direction or moral compass.  It was a way that was WITH pure direction but without the clinging of dogma that naturally distorts no matter the religion.  We can, if we are brave enough, arrive at something that is without attitude or bias but a pure state of love for All, which is necessary if we are to be One World, or joined in peace. The current New World (they call it an "order") is about control. Its just a new batch of people under the same banner.  They would see the world as Huxley envisioned or as the book 1984 so brilliantly outlined.  This is merely the same old stuff.  But rising in this age is the Great Mystery of the Goddess, of the feminine side to all of our consciousnesses into the mainstream. This has been foretold, and is a necessary ingredient if we are to create the necessary synthesis of being in order to move forward in a new way.  Thus Isis and her sisters come whispering to us in the night for those who will listen.  These goddesses did not die, they were merely ignored.  They have a vitality and being that is afforded every being, for Isis, in her true life, walked the earth as a woman, and legends built up around here, just as they did with her brother and lover Osiris and Set.  They have gone on to be the beings hey always were, and whose consciousness is capable of blending into our own conceptions and mythologizing, for even belief carries energy and consciousness is energy.  The attention once given to her and many others, like Inaana from Ur, has acted like a wave upon which they ride in the cosmic scheme of things.

This path is not hard to follow.  It is largely intentional, and requires some surrender.  When you reach a place of awakening, it will help you to see with fresh eyes the being that you are when you are ready to see it.  It also requires that you simply consider that humans are not unerring beings, that their truth is like the wind and only has the permanence of that.  After all, a kundalini awakening can so undo years of beliefs tightly held and karmas which have shuttered eyelids and hearts.  Welcome to the new era!  She comes whispering in the night, and you can let her in quietly, even secretly.  And when you do, you say yes to a great tomorrow that carries a Balance, and this Balance is so important for us as an ingredient in bringing the old order into a New One.  This wont be an order based on control, but a recognition of a great mystery of our infinite being, and how that infinite being can infuse our times with genius and pure awe.  All you need do, if you doubt me, is to go to a spring, a source where water rises up and then dream her into your awareness.  This was how we honored her in the past, by knowing her great secret lay beneath our feet, beneath our awareness, ready to bubble up with some fantastic tidbit or explosion of realization.  After all, your creative impulse relies on a largely unconscious infusion of both masculine and feminine energy in order to reach that "Aha!" moment of conception. You might not be involved in something that appears like union in our world, it is nonetheless a form of it in your own body.  Honor this great union which wants to happen in every nook and cranny of creation!  It does!  Now don't be afraid to let that bliss flow through you, for as you do you let in the goddess and the god.  And then you shall know peace.  And wonder.  And love.  And more....

Time for the Old Ways to return, but its return will be new in this age.  Its spirit is as old as the cosmos and she whispers in your dreaming.  She breathes through every cell in your being and is working just now upon every being, every particle, on the planet, for a shift is happening and it will be effected at the deepest levels for those who are made ready.  This is the result of an agreement that we made collectively.  Let her breathe into you, as she brings something you have needed so much for so long....

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