Wednesday, April 4, 2012

All Things Are Full Of Gods

Thales, a Presocratic philosopher once said this.  He was a teacher to Pythagoras.  Pythagoras is most often cited as a great mathematician, but what some do not know is that he was given entry to an Egyptian Mystery School, an event that was a long time coming for him.  Clearly, Pythagoras had an awakening after being told how to awaken the sleeper within.  He came to the school a changed man.  He went on to be involved in a school that was about as egalitarian as the times could allow, including both men and women in its ranks and which also included some interesting discoveries about how to heal using sound and a sense that there was an underlying principle in all of life, which Pythagoras tended to see reflected in math.  What is so interesting is that his teacher, Thales, made a point that I don’t think was possible to make without seeing into the quantum field.  I will be so bold to say I now know what he meant when he said that

“All things are full of gods.”

At a certain point in my awakening I was taken into what I understood was the interior of life as expressed through what I call the quantum field of experience.  Further, it carried a passion and a desire that I knew was the impetus for all creativity, be they a painting,  a book, an invention, an idea, a child, a Movement, or a universe… was the mover of life, the world, and through freewill we were choosing how to utilize this energy for good or ill.  Within it lay something very simple, a holographic principle that threaded every particle, every single thing in existence, to everything else.  This was an energetic dynamic that was entirely unifying, connecting, weaving all of life into itself.  I would later see this same idea reflected in numerous other thinkers and writers who were pointing all to the same thing. Some were in physics, some in the esoteric arts.  All were just like you and me.  Beautiful people all waking up a bit from our mass dream.  Within this was the notion that everything that is exists at multiple dimensions.  Everything has a higher life, a broader existence, which is more than just what is expressed in the material.  Its not that life in its broader dimensions is more desirable, not something to take us out of our here and now, but rather as something to augment what it is we are already experiencing and feeling NOW.  Within us, and within all things, resides higher forms, broader expressions of what we are, and what everything is.  In that moment, the words of Thales came back after years of pondering just what he meant.  I suspect he saw the same thing as I did, and that many others do when you have an encounter with this field of intelligent energy that expresses itself both as particle and wave.  Within us are our higher selves, what some might want to call gods.  While we have been trained not to consider that we ourselves could be gods ourselves, this thinking has only been put forth as a way to limit our experience through artificial beliefs that do not align with the deeper inner truth residing in all of nature.  While we only seem to see what is in front of us through our five senses, we do have more senses, and these belong to this resonant field, this quantum field or waveform awareness as I have described it.

When you learn to tap this field wherein gods reside, where higher forms of consciousness exist, you literally align with still larger parts of yourself you may not have observed through your more particalized portions of your awareness.  By going beyond your physical senses, you can literally begin to sense into this vast field that is all around you…..that unifies and which shows or reveals through your awareness that you are indeed part of everything.  This is expressed through an energetic awareness, a vehicle of sensing that is your own expanding sense of being.  In a very real way, the universe will bloom before your eyes, will expand outward as your awareness expands.  The world can change as you change….the world can resolve into something truly remarkable as your capacity to perceive it opens up.

If you consider that the “gods” do not exist as a force that is outside of you, but that make up an infinite field or web of awareness that includes both individual beings as well as mass connectivity between all of these “cells” of being, you can begin to realize how everything is both connected as well as individual.  We are here on this dual plane to experience ourselves not just as seemingly individual, but also as one.  Related.  Its not one or the other, but both.  By doing this, you can, I feel, begin to glimpse what is ours to know in this world, this life, this reality.  As we all grow in awareness, so too does our awareness of our being as more than just what our own fleshy envelopes seem to offer us in experience.  We are certainly this, but we are also certainly more than just this.  When this kind of awareness begins to bloom not as a concept, but as a tangible experience, the world begins to open up in a dizzying array of possibility.  You can FEEL how the universe is teeming just by feeling its currents all around you.  By losing yourself in its current, you can feel within you what you once thought was somehow outside of you…..but never was.  Its right where you are.  The universe is broadcasting itself from you, around you, and through you.  You are at once it and also looking at it from your own vantage point.  Its a rather remarkable set up we have created for ourselves here.
This is what some have come to call the illusion of our existence here.  This is what some call Maya.  When the ego gets in on it, then yes, there can be some distortions, but its not ALL distortion and hurt and pain….all very tied up in karma.  Its meant to actually be a vehicle for divine awareness….but we haven’t gotten to that point yet, which is why so many masters of the universe have sought to call our experience an illusion.  It isn’t.  Its a CREATION. This is an important distinction, because once we go beyond karma, what we have is not illusion, but the truth shining back at us as a reflection.  And this reflection is what we have chosen to create.  When we begin to create beyond illusion and beyond karma, what do we have before us do you think?  What we have is that mythical garden of Eden…..that original state wherein we know our divinity, a place where we have cast off shame, removed it and learned to move onward.  It is here that we feel the lips of the gods speak within…..and we can feel in each particle not the lower vibration of karma but the higher vibration of the divine….and its in every single thing!  Its not in some elect few!  Its in EVERYTHING!  And once you get that, once you begin seeing that, feeling that, you feel it in yourself, you feel it in others, and the whole world becomes like this luscious sparkling realm that is truly like some undiscovered world.  Until then, life will SEEM like the illusion that it is.  In a way, it IS illusion.  But it can be more.  And if you are brave enough to consider that this view is correct, you can move into uncharted territory and do what even the great sages may not have been able to do, or see within themselves.  We have been glimpsing it all along, yes, but some of what it is has been obscured by our own mass illusions that we share as a species.  I am here to tell you that there is more.  Its not mere illusion.  This is something that is inside of you, and its knowing will wake up within you in such a wonderfully innocent and obvious way that it will change how you feel. It has the power to make you so hungry for this seeming dream world that you will seek to find a way to bring that dream into reality.

The path to this is through love.  This love, though, is no ordinary love.  When you feel it, you realize its as real a force as the wind or fire.  It exists as a real sentient being in all of life.  When you let it move you, it has the power to bring real change.  When you awaken, you essentially surrender to its rip tide of energy. It takes you like a lover.  You are then reduced to simpler parts as all of the dross of the ages is gradually moved from your central awareness.  A little of this glistening world begins to reveal itself.  This is a creation.  No one need tell you what it will look like.  Its all yours.

So yes, I read what Thales said so long ago, but it wasn’t until I awoke to this life that I began to feel into what it was he was most likely saying.  I know it sound presumptuous of me to say…..but you see….this isn’t really about knowing in the normal way.  You just FEEL it.  The truth resonates in you in this undeniable way.  How do I know?  I just do….but you see, I am not here telling you that you will only know the truth if you follow what i say.  Do whatever you wish….if you can see into this bloom I am offering up, great.  If not, its great too.  We will all come into this larger life when we are ready, and it will always carry your own brand of focus and awareness.  In this way, it will be perfect.

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