Friday, April 27, 2012


Inside each atom there resides what SEEMS to be two energetic polarities.  These are expressed as particle and wave, as the light and dark, the cool and hot….they are the entirety of everything.  Inside your atoms, what is mostly empty space, are atoms which are moving at the speed of light.  They are caught up in a field of energy, which is the particle expression.  Within them is a wave.  Within all of this is sheer bliss.  Every single atom in your delicious body is simply bursting with this bliss.  Riding atop all of this swarm of nearly infinite activity is your awareness.  You think you are singular….and you are.  But inside of you is this wave and its spinning at the speed of light. Stationary.  And its helping to organize your body moment by moment.  DNA, weak and strong forces, quantum effects, all kinds of amazing things are happening inside the world that is you…a literal universe.  Underlying all of this is a passion, a bliss so complete you would turn red faced if I were to tell you about how deep all of this goes.  
So the whole universe is doing this.  Its a world of energy that is in bliss.  Its waiting for you.  Its not beating down your door.  Its not standing outside like a couple of eager visitors from the local church wanting to hand you bible tracts.  Its perfectly in tune with its own bliss and knows in perfect timing that you will get there and begin to facilitate the flow through the energy center that you are, this glorious orb, sun, of light. Or an ocean of wonder-filled movement.  Particle seeking wave, wave folding into particle…yin and yang continually embracing and being embraced by…..perfectly cooperative, not experiencing any strife of trouble.  So simple, they resolve into their most basic essence.  They become much more elemental.  And beautiful.  And in this perfect kind of love, they wait for you, for that day when it hits you and you wonder how you kept it out of your awareness so long.
And on that day, every particle of you will burst in a sea of bliss inside of you.  The universe will make love to you and you will be amazed.  And pleased.  And glad.  And this, you see, is the dangerous energy some call kundalini.  Its not the energy that is dangerous.  Its your own knots and beliefs that are, for when you surrender to its perfect bliss, is when the path becomes effortless.

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