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Toroids and the End....uh....Beginning of the World?

Within your body exists a field of energy which is made up of smaller fields all joined into a cooperative whole.  Your body produces this electromagnetic field and it is expressed as the aura.  It is also seen as a toroid, which is getting a lot of interest lately because this type of form also exists around non-living forms.  This is an electromagnetic field, and it is this type of field that is generated by the earth with a liquid iron flux core.  With the movement of iron rich blood in your body, you create a weaker but just as present field.  It is this field that serves as a kind of flux field for carrying information throughout your body.  Your brain and nervous system operate using these weak electrical fields, and your cells also have this.  This becomes a template or carrier for still subtler energy which has within it your thoughts and your connection both biologically and etherically to the rest of the universe. We have evolved on earth to be attuned to the earth’s own magnetic field.  It is not surprise to learn that the earth’s field is changing during this time.  The field generated by the core helps shield the earth from solar plasma radiation (solar wind).  There is also another field that is not connected to the core of the earth that is appears to be connected to the atmosphere, and is a quasi-standing wave of electrical potential that itself has been changing a good deal over the last few decades.  The frequency for this field has been called the Schumann Resonance.  
Like all fields such as this, they are effected by other stronger fields.  Your own body will react to strong electromagnetic fields coming from power lines and other powerful appliances.  There is some evidence that shows a correlation to the exposure to these strong fields and a disruption in the biological health of an organism.  The earth appears to be effected by the sun, for example.  Its all dynamic, interrelated, and this carrier for life effects us all.  
There is a very interesting bit of information that comes from the ancient prophecies of the Hopi who have a lot to say about the transitions from one world to another, something their prophecies suggest is happening right now.  In these prophecies it is explained that the two snake brothers will cease moving around the earth.  It is explained that the snake brothers are responsible for the auroras around the earth, and that the motion of these two “snakes” will come to a stop before the entrance to the fifth world.  While it is described as being an event that will cause the earth to stop its rotation for a time, I have to wonder if this is not related to the magnetic field beginning to shift as some scientists seem to feel that when we go through a flip of the magnetic poles, there may well be a weakening of the field and then a short period of reorientation.  The story of the snake brothers sounds very much like an intuitive understanding of the electromagnetic field surrounding earth.  These two brothers are described as being like two poles of a larger system, and so this could very well dove-tail into the concept of their being a magnetic orientation that could change in the future. A polar flip would not be enough to catalyze an actually physical flip, but this event could have some widespread effects on a number of things, and we don’t really know what it would do to life energetically, if anything. Most people sense that such an event as this could mesh with a sense that the earth is indeed changing, and as the earth changes, so do we. Its all delicately intertwined in ways we may not fully realize at this time. 
Before I get too far afield on this, let me explain that a polar shift does not necessarily have to be a physical shift of the poles, but a magnetic one.  Currently, due to some fluctuations in this field, there are many people who are now monitoring their own local magnetic fields where they live.  Near an airport in Florida, for example, all planes have had to have their compasses adjusted by six degrees in order to find the airport.  Locally at least, there is a fairly significant change in the orientation of the magnetic field going on down there. 
For those who would like to know more about the Schumann Resonance, there is a lot of information out there.  Since I feel that there was no grand design in the Maya ceasing to count time with their cyclical calendar round, I tend to feel that their ceasing to have a calendar was mostly coincidental.  I say this because the Maya saw all time as cyclical.  Events happened over and over, and so they had similar predictions for given cycles of time over a very very long time frame.  Its just that they ceased projecting predictions (which were cyclical and thus can be found further back in their own predictive record in still older cycles or periods of time—-which is in a way very similar to how the Chinese calendar repeats with the same animals coming into play….year of the cat, year of the dragon…etc.).  The Maya projected many hundreds of years into their future and before they got to that point, our 2012, they had largely disappeared as an active culture. They simply had stopped their cyclical predictions, but it doesn’t mean the end of the world, just the end of a cycle. My feeling has been that while their understanding of the cycles were probably on the mark, if big change is going to come, its probably going to happen as we shift from one cycle to another.  And there is the Hopi who also have this understanding of these long-cycle events, too, and have kept a good record that has been passed down for countless generations.  I just don’t think this is the end of the world in any shape for form, but IS a shift in awareness that also corresponds to our living in a dynamic and interconnected universe.  Quite naturally, then, the amount of radiation that we could be getting from the center of the galaxy could very easily have an effect on life here.  Moving above the dust cloud as we do in our own solar system that actually wobbles like a top, in a similar way the earth does in its precession, is one of these long cycle events that the Maya probably were able to predict.  This may also explain why the polar ice caps have melted on Mars despite its having such a thin atmosphere and no global warming (the sun is not getting hotter and Mars is not changing its orbit so….) and it may also have some effect on our own earth with some changes in our own overall temperatures.  For as heavy as the debate has been about global warming, very few observe the phenomenon surrounding this one glaring fact about our universe quite possibly heating up a small bit as we move into what is being called “galactic day.”  
So here is the thing; your body has this field, and its an elongated toroid, or is very much like one.  Regardless of where you are in your awareness, this field is persistent since all life must have bestowed upon it certain basic requirements for its proper function, and when you become more aware of your own larger being and bliss, this field fills with the information and codingof this bliss.  Your toroid does not necessarily change, though. Baseline, your energy is much the same.  The quality of what flows through that field, though, is what IS changing.  Being part of our dynamic universe, we are going through some pretty significant changes, and so I am of the mind that it all has its effect.  The difference is whether we see it from a worrisome stand point with dire predictions of destruction, or as a very positive event.  If the magnetic poles do shift, it will have a significant effect upon all electronic devices, which are all based on the spin of electrons and their polarity as they flow through computers.  Since computers use magnetic media for the most part, their ability to read memory could disappear in a twinkling.  And yes, this could be disruptive, but only insofar as we rely upon the technology.  You will continue to live.  Will you feel different?  Will it mark some change in your electromagnetic field?  Will your own field flip right along with the earth’s?  This, I don’t know, but what I suspect is that if it does happen, it will have every chance of being as positive an event in the long run as we have tended to dream of it as negative.  Me, I am a glass half full kind of person because I believe in the power of positive thinking and perception.  So many things in the past could have been seen in a negative light in my life that all turned out perfect, so given the alternative, I keep to what I know is a positive way forward.  It seems to be working swimmingly, and as my own toroid begins to channel every greater flows of positive energy, I see it has an effect on the whole.  Butterfly wings.  
And if you have gotten THIS far, here is a link concerning the Schumann Resonance.

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