Monday, April 16, 2012

Tapping The Feminine

It might sound funny coming from  a guy, but tapping your inner feminine is something that is about as broad as the ocean is broad.  There is no limit to the source of her power, her great mystical power.  We actually all know her, for she resides in all life.  She makes up your cells, the atoms, all of life. 

We think about what it is to be feminine, and everything she is is true even in our world.  She was expressed as the world because her essence is evidenced within it.  She is a nurturer, a life giving force that, through grace, bestows life upon all.  Her bestowal is complete, perfect.  In ancient stories and myths, those who aligned with her powers found they had the ability to harness the forces of nature.  Through her bestowal, she is a font of compassion, a gentle flow of bliss and wonder.  She is the perfect cradle for life, for its out of her essence that life flows.  Without her, the world just would not be. She is reflected in every ocean wave, and all of nature.  Under every banner, every conception, the feminine resolves back into a still broader being that moves through the entirety of the universe. 

If she seems unable to be decisive, its only because so much potential lives within her.  It is not her nature to differentiate.....since the All can flow from her, and to differentiate would mean saying no to some part of life.  She is all wonder, all possibility. 

Honoring such a potent source of life is becoming our awareness, our responsibility.  Honoring it within ourselves, in others, and in the world around us is the surest way to tease her presence forth after a frozen winter that has defied the blooming of her tenderest buds.  There is this thaw, now, and it gathers like a great Summer wind that is filling hearts.  Opening minds.  Healing Souls.

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