Monday, April 16, 2012

She Is Everywhere

The truth has never been lain so far beyond us that we ourselves could not see it, but have instead been reminded of it daily in the moment.  Lied curled within the present lies all the sparkling truth, like a bud waiting to bloom, and in its awareness, it blooms in you.  As it blooms in you, it is like a tree that is given life in this world and spreads its pollen and seed as the fruit of its greater being ripens and is known by others….a reminder working at the edges of your own awareness that there is something marvelous growing in our midst….and as the bloom grows within others, we each see a new species growing within built upon our conceptions of what went before, forver altering what it was that we once thought we knew.

What we think that lay within people is but a mirror of something larger.  The very code of life is duty bound to align itself to those forces from which it has emerged.  Our own bodies and all of nature reflects these larger forms.  Thales, the Presocratic who was teacher to Pythagoras once said “All things are full of gods.”  Within each form that you see, down to the smallest, lies a connection to still higher forms. Each facet of our being resolves into still broader forms, like a diamond. With the veil in place amongst most, it is difficult to view this larger form, and yet, its presence has been lain in front of us, even if we do not recognize it for what it is.  Our own consciousness has not just the ability but the nature to know this larger form as a direct result of our heritage as beings resting within these larger forms.  You are each like a bud that awaits opening still further, whose only sparest of petals is in evidence to our conscious awareness.  As we ourselves open, so too does our awareness open.  We do not see it with our senses, we feel it as a resounding truth that was never seperate from what we are or who we have been. When you begin to feel these seemingly deeper forms, or gods as Thales expressed, you will see its reality reflected all around you in nature from sentient to non sentient.  It is a voice which cries out through all of what we know and even what we do not.

The feminine has had to labor for a very long time under an attitude of denial and repression. I know; what a news flash, right?  All women, all life, has been subjected to this attitude which has been put in place and perpetuated by men.  At a deeper level, we all have struggled with power and truth….the correct use of power within men and the correct use of power within women.  If it had, there would be a fuller fairness and awareness of what each represents in its broader scope.  We struggle against what appears at the surface while the truth resides perfectly within.  This truth is less an annunciation of some principle but is a self evident quality that directs in its higher forms what is divine.  By feeling deeper into ourselves we may find the direction.

The truth is that in reaching these higher state, the presence of the feminine resounds with absolute certainty.  It is as plain as the sun.  For those who seek to ignore the sun, it could be said that there exists a need to somehow lie to ones self about what is plain. 

Our ancient history bears the knowledge of the importance of the feminine.  In aboriginal cultures across the world this evidence still shines.  Mother Earth and Father Sky reside in a harmonious synergy.  Shakti and Shiva were known as the two forces which underlie all matter and consciousness, and even though in that tradition it was Shakti who was often viewed as the unrefined energy, itself reflecting less on its truer nature and reality and more upon the biases of those within the tradition, they could not escape the inevitability of Her reality.  In other eastern traditions these forces were seen in the yin and yang, forces which were in all things, that had within them the seed of each other as that symbol suggests.  In early Christianity, the issue becomes clouded.  In the beginning, it would seem that there was only a son and his father.  Documents were favored that expressed this notion, while many other documents, which were destroyed in the wake of the forming of the religion some 320 years after the death of its teacher, were pronounced as heretical and distanced by the power structure which instituted what they felt was the truth.  And yet, there has existed those difficult things, facts that the Mother was part of this triadic arrangement of divine consciousness.  Instead of a mens only club, it was a family. 

In 1945 many more documents would emerge which supported this knowing. Philip in his gospel explained that even the story of the virgin birth was based upon a misunderstanding of some fundamental truths, which is that the Holy Ghost was the feminine expression of the divine, and thus Mary could not have begotten with a feminine force.  Even then, in his time, people were either willfully or with ignorance, seeking to make the Holy Ghost into a masculine form when this had never been the case. He goes on to explain that Jesus came as a teacher to heal the separation between these two forces so that the kingdom and the resurrection of the flesh (awakening) might be known to all.   In the Sophia of Jesus Christ, which was a discourse about how things are between Jesus and his followers, Jesus repeatedly explains that our very being came about as a result of a reflecting between the father and the mother of the universe.  She was called by many names including the Holy Ghost, Sophia, and also Pistis. In numerous other documents within this trove the presence and reality of the feminine was repeated over and over.  We owe our lineage to a blending of spirit much like the blending of dna in the creation of new life.  Within each of us, Jesus explains, in the Gospel of Thomas, there resides seemingly separate elements, which when brought together, results in a unification and revivication of the self.  These seemingly separate parts are the masculine and feminine.  When we make each a part of the other, we draw them together within ourselves and we begin to feel the kingdom begin to unfold within us, much as a mustard seed sprouts and grows, containing within it those elements from its beginning that spreads into the larger world that resides in all things.  The kingdom, he said, was in us and was in all things.  One thing that an awakening does is bring awareness of how all things are connected in this way as there is a renewed drive towards the union of these seemingly separate elements within us….and what is within us is also existing in all things.  As such, those who awaken can feel the presence of this union in all of nature, in the entire universe.  It is simple first step, the sprouting of a seed within, the unfolding of a bud from a few smaller petals to many petals and reveals a much larger world within and without. I suggest reading the Nag Hammadi library for more on this.  There are numerous books which go on rants difficult to understand, but its the understanding that the essence of the masculine and feminine as explicit that is most interesting and consistent with the act of creation.

Some would say that the early Church fathers knew what was best for us and knew that these books feel outside of normal doctrine.  Yet, most of these books actually predate the accepted gospels now in the bible.  For as much as some have tried to suppress her reality, she keeps popping up.  She keeps popping up because she cannot nor will not be silenced.  It is in this age that she is blooming ever more powerfully and is realizing that power is merely something that exists, and she need only step into her truth in order to grasp it.  Her power is different from that of the masculine and relies upon his cooperation and wisdom to see how important her own power is in this world.  When a man is able to feel her presence stir within him, he will know his own power increased.  In the same way, a woman’s own power is increased through knowing the masculine. They cannot exist apart in all truth, for they were never truly separate.  They exist as cooperative elements that need both if creation is to spring forward.  The flower waits for the pollen to infuse it with the spark she herself cannot produce on her own, but neither can a male bring forth this life without her presence either. It is not in his nature, and so must rely upon Her for this nurturing to occur within her.  Even prana moves in this way as a result of the infusion of one into the other.  When we become creative both sides of our brains are awakened and begin to work together cooperatively, not alone.  The right brain, which is more reflective of the feminine needs the left brain with all its structure and linearity and fact basis to give support to her broad flowing nature.  Hers is not to provide this structural support.  Her is to dream the impossible, and our masculine traits are there to provide the means for sparking this creative fire.  Then, as this happens deep within the brain, we come up with ideas or creations that are often beyond anything we could have done in our own separate hemispheres of thinking.  Somehow, we make that quantum leap that is the miracle of creation. This happens in spirit, consciousness as well as all of nature, for the two are of a piece. 

As you peel back the veil that exists within, you can see the infinite potential these forces serve to offer in every realm.  When we go beyond the self imposed limits and beliefs of the individual earthbound self, we are offered something of what the “god” that Thales was likely suggesting.  Like a divine parent, we can look to these higher forms and learn from them. How they are, in their perfect forms, we can model here and change our world. It is the same in our own creative stirrings; we reach out beyond ourselves to conceive anew.  Since all is connected, we do this individually, with each other, and as a race and world.  It is when we follow the higher form that we harmonize, we find the divine alignment that resides in our own higher consciousness, which is in truth part of a vast ocean of being in which everyone shares in even though they are not presently aware of it.

Kundalini is not a striving for union in all truth. the very force of kundalini is the universe, already in union, entering into your body.  This is your divine parent coming to call. It is what drives such incredible bliss within.  From the moment that it is felt, you feel the union.  It has to be, for without it, there IS no bliss.  The two must touch.  Then, the “rising” of the energy is the effect that this perfect union has upon your own awareness as expressed through your awareness, your chakra system and your body.  It will begin to work out the knots that are concentrated backwards thinking that is not harmonized IN ITS CREATION with the higher forms, “the gods.”  If you follow the energy and allow it to move freely, it will dissolve still more knots and issues.  During this time, those knots still serve to attract like energies to it, so for a time there will be a kind of competing element at work that can sometimes serve to confuse.  If the person merely surrenders to this force, it will in due time show the person what it needs to know and to be.  Surrender, it seems, is not a strong suit in human nature. So we keep at it, learning to trust that this presence and its effects will ultimately resolve to peace. 

She is alive.  She is coming into her own, and we each can encourage her entrance into the light of day.  Still, what we conceive of the divine feminine can be enlarged and known even more fully.  What the Goddess is still remains a bit of a mystery.  She is known locally, but as more people manage to conceive of her in her fuller form, her presence will grow in ways that will surprise all of us.  What begins as a small bud, which She is now shall bloom into something remarkable. How this is done wont be done through the usual ways.  We must be willing to enter into a mystery with her, to know that we may not be able to know what will come from this. It is when we think we know that we most often prejudice the facts before they emerge.  Being willing to know that you do not know is the surest way towards knowing…..which itself is less knowing as it is being.  

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