Monday, April 16, 2012

Universality of Awakening

I came across an article stating how there was an evil kundalini spirit infiltrating the church…..I had a moment of eyeroll and read a little.  One person, who was experiencing an awakening had a blissful experience until… got SEXUAL.  Then she knew it was of the devil.  yesirree.

My sense has been all along that there awakening is not predicated on a given philosophy or religion.  the switch in us is univeral.  Its HUMAN.  We are all born of one Source or Creator.  To suggest its some dude up in the clouds is really sily once you touch the infinite.  So lets take a look at just how different an awakening is from one culture to the next, or religious background.  For a creator, having this available to all people regardless of religion would make sense. If we are so arrogant to consider that none of our religions aren't somehow off the mark, then maybe we need to rethink things just a little.  Just looking at the events that led to the Nicene Council being called and the events in its wake are enough to raise real concern about whose truth is being told....(this takes a little research and might be the subject of another article although these investigations are generally viewed as merely a way to criticize the religion somehow....never mind that those bringing up the issues weren't themselves responsible for them...aruge if you wish about opinions, but when people argue with facts, this gets very troublesome).

Turns out that all awakenings tend to result in an initial very positive experience.  Not always, but often. Then, after some time, it can get hard.  In fact, so hard that the individual goes through what we all term a dark night of the soul.  Again, this is pretty universal.  You will see discussions about this in Hindu texts as well as Christian ones.  Both Saint Teresa of Avilla as well as St John The Cross both went through terrible trials that actually deibilitated Teresa in her younger years.  I think about this and my own experience.  There were days, weeks even, when I could barely rouse myself enough to get out of bed.  I felt flattened by this. In truth, I was struggling against the divine…..and to some in the church, this could easily be seized upon as evidence that its some evil spirit.  Not so. This belies a lack of knowing about just what happens in an awakening. IN this process its as though you suddenly have a tuning fork going of all through your body and this tuning fork is perfect pitch.  It is the divine pitch.  No other. It SEEMS like the energy is hard, but once you get through it, you realize it was merely your own dross, the junk that you grew up with that was causing the problem, those dark nights of the soul.  In truth, the ego was just hanging on for dear life.  Another universal trait in overcoming this trial is surrender.  You just let go of your need to control.  You give it up to the Creator.  When people do this in a supreme way, in totality, all struggle ceases.  This is true for Hindu as well as a latter day experincer regardless of culture or religious affiliation.

The scared ones seize upon the weird jerky movements as evidence that someone is being posessed by an evil “kundalini spirit.”  However, if people are honest with themselves, they will realize that in their own traditions, the movement of the Holy Ghost causes this very same behavior, right down to the jerky movements.  When you view people in the Christian Church under the posession of the Holy Ghost, they will tremble and jerk.  No one dares say that they are posessed of an evil spirit do they? On the contrary, this is seen as evidence of the movement of the divine in them.The Shakers were so called, along with the Quakers because they BOTH found when they reached ecstatic states, they would have these jerking movements which in the Hindu tradition are called “kriyas.”  What I find so amazing is that in one video the church followers slow down one woman’s kriya movement in order to make it appear sinister somehow.  I have to say, they did a good job of it….and yet, if their own people were doing this, there is ample evidence that this is the Holy Ghost.  The truth is, on a neurological level, shaking actually seems to do something to us that helps to eleviate stress from the strong current of energy moving.  The movements are sometimes impossible to keep a lid on.

Another element present in awakenings is speaking in tongues.  This is termed glossolia and is not limited to the Christian Church.  It happens to people who are of no particular faith at all.  In the Christian Church, its seen as evidence of the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost, even though its roots have been forgotten, was widely considered to be the feminine aspect of God.  Some Christians want to refute this, pointing to no evidence whatsoever for this being true. There is in truth, quite a bit of factual basis that this is true.  In the Acts Andrew describes a vision of Christ where he sees a triadic being and this being speaks to him in Jesus’s voice so he knows who it is. Jesus states that he is one with the father, the mother, and son.  In most other works its shortened to just say “I am one with the father.”  However, I think there is a very good reason for why this was shortened and its simple’ paternalism or chauevnism that was so strong even amongst the disciples that some disciples chose to cut the feminine out of their retelling of facts from the get-go.  In those documents which were buried in Nag Hammadi and which are now understood to be even older than the documents used for the King James’s version, Jesus speaks clearly in mutiple gospels about the deity as being BOTH masculine and feminine.  The difference is that most people never got to read these documents so it only SEEMS strange.  In an awakening, this is hardly strange, but is APPARENT. In the Hindu tradition, for example, the rise of kundalini is all about the unification of the masculine and feminine into a unity.  In the Gospel of Philip he explains that Jesus came to heal this separation between the masculine and feminine that is within, which is what he calls the restoration. Jesus calls the feminine both the Mother of the Universe as well as Sophia and indicates she is also called Pistis.  The Ebionites, the earliest of converted Christians have a prayer to the Father/Mother God who are the parents of the Christ (son).  Philip explains that we all seek to become Christs.  Over and over in these hidden documents its made quite clear that this is not a male only club, but that the triad is more a family unit way of understanding our lineage to the divine. There are also a few documents which did not get destroyed that also show Jesus directly alluding to the Holy Ghost as being feminine.

Now hang on a minute.  The Hindus talk of this as being a serpent.  What about that?  Look, the things you have to realize is that all of this is entirely without form, so what is being described is a best effort at trying to describe this experience.  When I felt my awakening there was a very sensual feeling to the energy….and it had a kind of feeling at least in the beginning that felt almost like something moving like a snake does, but clearly I did not have a snake inside of me.  Even more than this, I felt no snake going up my spine.  This is just an image created by the Hindus who happen not to have the same association with snakes that the Christians do. Clearly, in both Christian and Hindu texts, there is no snake.  Its an IMAGE to seek to give word to something that is formless; it is a spiritual power, not a literal form.  Further, the tale of the garden seeks to explain something that most liekly never even happened as told….it does however express how we came to be dual beings…separated from the garden within.

So if my awakening of kundalini is so evil, why did I encounter an angel who did to me precisely what he did to Saint Teresa?  At the time I never even KNEW about Teresa’s story  All I knew was the sculpture by Bernini, and only then did I know that there was a small angel standing over her looking like a mischievous kid.  When I read Teresa’s account I wondered how on earth her account could have been so exact.  I suspect that what each being did was to effect a change in each of us that was through something that we will learn is a science of the soul….and as such it will work for Christians, Hindus, Native Americans, and other pagans….regardless of belief. Why?  Because this is because we are ALL connected to the same Creator.  Many names, same name.  Different stories, the same story.
People who have awakenings often go into healing work of all kinds.  How different is this from  a Hindu who is awakened who writes or teaches, helping others to come to love and to the Source of all life.  And how different is this from someone in the church who is awakened wanting to minister to others about the goodness that resurrection has to offer?  It get to be a little silly….and like how some people prefer Evion water over Deer Park. Why?  Its all water.  Its just packaged and marketed differently. I suspect that its less the contents as how its been SOLD.  Its all just water, really.  One does not have some kind of poison in it. That’s like saying you just can’t trust the universe or god to come to your aid when you need it.  I have had God come to my aid, thank you very much, and its between him and I to be quite honest.  I also have the Holy Ghost coming to my aid daily, too, and that too is between me and She.

When we let fear enter in, we also cut ourselves off from healing.  This is what an awakening offers.  I am kind of sorry that the lady who felt it get SEXUAL got all freaked out that it was of the DEVIL….because now, she will now likely remain stuck right where she is and not move forward through the briar patch that is her soul.  Its unfortunate because it doesn’t need to be so difficult.  Getting the ego to stand aside is very universal too….be you from ANY belief….and yet in each instance, it will absolutely bring relief (not because its the energy in you making it hard but because its just not natural for you to try and drive this experience with your smaller self….just doesn’t work!)
When we want to label something evil, we actually close of all possibility of seeing that this evil is actually something else entirely.  This is not to say evil does not exist, but the path to the divine is something that we each come to without any intermediary and it seems those in the church are pretty afraid that they are going to become possessed….and yet, possession by the Holy Ghost is esteemed by them. Its esteemed by me most certainly because I feel the presence of this Holy Ghost every single day. She is the very force that humanizes me, makes me more whole.  But I also know she is the same thing as Shakti.  Many names, one name.

And lastly.  A ” kundalini spirit” is a misnomer.  Its not a “spirit.”  Kundalini is life force energy.  As such, the divine created all of it….and is inside of it as a supportive force.  You can actually FEEL the divine in the moment in this way.  Kundalini, like life force, is a term, not some religious label.  Kundalini is NOT some spirit. It is the Source.  Life force leads you to the divine.  Life IS Creator.  Now stop being silly. Trust in your Creator.  Its here to bestow gifts upon ALL of us, not some select few who will go running out of church like their hair is on fire the moment someone starts moving the Holy Ghost.  We will heal and we might move with the spirit, and we might also speak in tongues (I knew someone who had kundalini doing this and I thought how similar this was to speaking in tongues this was….). We will all do this because we are all after all, human, and the love of the One shines on all of us regardless of race, sex or creed.  If you want to drink Deer Park over some other brand, please feel free. In the end, its all the water of life.

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