Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Return of the Goddess

Many years ago I saw someone who is called White Buffalo Calf Woman.  Amongst the Lakota, she is a goddess figure.  She brought a humanizing effect to the Lakota.  She brought some of the most sacred rites.  She brought the pipe, which is a sacrament that helps them to contemplate the entirety of the universe in one symbolic form.  With the sudden increase in the births of white buffalo calves, there was talk that something important was up, that the time that was foretold was unfolding.  I saw a friend who was in her form.  It was a vision.  It was very clear and plain.  Not being native American this time around, I had to dig a little to understand it more.  I wondered about this and its meaning.  Many years later, I heard a similar story where others had felt they had seen another person showing up as White Buffalo Calf Woman.  How could this be?  I was using my left brained way of thinking.  Ego was in on the game.  I was only seeing the outer effects, not into the essence of what I was being shown.  It took a while for this experience to ripen and grow in me as my own awareness grew and my understanding broadened. 

The essence of the feminine is returning in its myriad forms to the planet.  She is showing herself in our archetypes because She exists in those “higher” goddess forms but she is also just as present in each of us too.  While the return of the goddess is about women waking up to the potential as the divine feminine here on the planet, it is also much more.  There is, though, a broader and perhaps more important point to be realized.  As a species, we are activating our brains to include the left and right brained thinking that can help bring about more holistic fuller forms of being and thinking.  We are evolving our very awareness at all levels to make it possible to become more inclusive as part of an evolutionary impulse which is now growing stronger than the tide of control to keep us locked in the old ways of seeing and being.  We are all healing and helping to see the emergence of more sensitive, more feminine aspects within each of us, whether we be male or female in our individual bodies.  Whether you know it or even like it, we all have these aspects.  We are a mirror of the universe, and within us rests these two poles of being in different proportions.  We all benefit from the emergence of Her presence in our lives.

Contrary to what some may want to assume, the presence of the feminine within does not serve to make of men an androgynous being in just the same way that a woman who has awakened to both her feminine and masculine energies is not less of a woman or somehow androgynous.  The most interesting result is that when these two polarities are healed within it fuels an inner transformation that isn't merely possible with one polarity or the other.  Every single thing that exists, down to the smallest subatomic particle, has this seeming polarity.  It is the very engine that drives all of creation and consciousness.  When its secrets are known, something remarkable happens.  It is a very simple engine of divine consciousness.  The degree to which we can surrender to this deeper reality is the degree to which we can each realize how this little engine of the cosmos is at its heart creative and can bring rise all manner of things based on your own focus and desires for fulfillment.  You are made more by this, and as the centuries of resistance melts away in this time, the simple and powerful reality of this creative principle can be made known as we anchor this awareness in ourselves and as we allow a simple divine plan to unfold.....a plan that does not seek control but a plan that holds out its hand for any soul to grasp and to become.  It has been this way since the very beginning. 

Cultures that are more balanced in this way are less divisive, more inclusive, and also much more creative and humanistic.  When we can learn to keep the pendulum from swinging too far from one end of the spectrum to the other, we can begin to achieve a balanced being that can utilize these aspects in a more conscious and empowered way.  When we can mirror a larger series of aspects in ourselves, we also naturally become more aware of the larger divine cosmic order.  This is not something that is outside of us.  It has only seemed so because our own egos have made it so.  We have had societies that have put one group above another.  We have worshiped at the feet of very divisive divinities.  Our priests have taught that we were lesser, not worthy of the divine, that we were somehow broken…..but in truth….we are not.  These divinities were first within us.  Those who would say its egoistic and arrogant to suggest that the gods and goddesses are in each of us are missing the point.  Suggesting they were outside of us served to keep us looking outside of ourselves, all along missing the truth.  They were never outside.  The world outside is a creation of what has always lain within us, even if you are not aware that it is you that is involved in creating your life and world.  Our very empowerment is in realizing that through no other authority do you touch the divine….even if you have millions of them all shouting that you need some intermediary.  You don’t.

The Goddess is returning all on her own.  In some cultures, this is being reflected in changes in laws, in cultural values and ways of seeing and being which has helped to provide Her with the honor she deserves.  Slowly, perhaps too slowly, has this taken place, and there is still much more to do.....but slowly the ice of control is melting as the quantum field, the unified field is strengthened by those awakening to this one simple truth.  She is resolving in peoples lives in wonderful and creative ways.  She is showing up as Isis, Ishtar, and White Buffalo Calf Woman.  What’s more, this has all been the subject of prophecies spoken through generations of oral tradition, and we are in the place of return that was spoken of so long ago.  She is not returning in one form only, but in every drop of what She is.  What She is is what everyone needs.  Men need badly to know Her through the women they love and adore.  Women need badly to know her in the men they love and admire, for Her presence in them helps to make them more than they were before.  By learning to touch more directly into Her essence, we are all greatly enlarged and enhanced.  There is a sense now that things can be different.  Better.  Elites no longer decide this for us, or for you.  YOU decide what SHE means, and only you.  For me, she was a Goddess from a Native perspective because that is what forms the bedrock of my broader spiritual connections.  For others, she has rested in the heart of Mary, mother of Jesus. Often driven underground, she is now emerging at a time when she is most needed. She is emerging in a limitless number of ways. She is shining in the heart of the world, and she is so broad in scope she can emerge in any number of manifestations, for this is how different manifestations come into being.

There is just no limit to how she can be reflected….and she exists in every woman in their own way.  They are merely mirroring what is in us, and what is in each of us is our own individual story.  Each story has its own inner gods and goddesses.  Each is valid as you will see.  As Jesus suggested, we are all born of royal lineage, a divine being that makes each of us no less than any other of us here.  Everything else is an effort to divide and make separate.

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