Monday, April 16, 2012

The Great Secret

If you would know the great secret you would know the one who has begotten you before your life in a world where all die.  It was through the father and mother of the great light that you were begotten. To know your lineage is to know their union.  To know your union, you must know your lineage.  In their union, is the life.  It is only through them that you will taste the true resurrection that was spoken about which had nothing to do with the casting off of a body or of dying and coming back to life.  People live in this life as though they are dead. Once they taste the resurrection, they will know the deeper life, the true life. Restoring this to earth has ben the mission of many boddhi’s including a man known amongst the Tibetans as Issa who had been crucified and who was said to have lived out his days with them with a woman named Mary.  There is a grave stone that has the foot prints of a man sculpted into it that shows the scars of crucifixion. This was how the word was expressed by one teacher whose teachings were not fully understood.  Much was hidden early on, but what was hidden has also been revealed.  If you can but have the eyes to see, you can understand that there was a teaching much like the Hindu that was based on the two irrefutable poles of conscious energy; masculine and feminine in union.  This is their perfect state, they were never meant to be separate.

The resurrection was not well understood.  It was aped by followers who did not fully know what was meant.  To truly know what this was all about, you had to experience it.  Jesus brought the Darshan, what he called a fire whcih he was casting upon the earth.  You will not read these words in the texts as handed down because many were ordered destroyed after Constantine met with the men (no women) who would choose the books that would constitute the first bible.  However, seeing the writing on the wall, books were spirited out of the region and were buried in the desert of Nag Hammadi.  These would emerge in perfect timing for our very best translators to examine and bring forth for us.  IN them the triad was the mother/father/son.  Consciousness was in truth ordered in the way a family was ordered.  The masculine pole and feminine pole would beget new life.  We were and are born from this lineage of masculine and feminine and bear them in the coding of our souls. When you awaken, what they termed “resurrection” it was as though you had been dead previously. Your body came alive in ways you would not believe.  The truth of the feminine could not be entirely hidden, but many forgot just who the Holy Ghost was supposed to be. Most assumed it was an other aspect of an all-male deity.  The early church fathers had bastardized the teachings….not just the teachings, but the irrefutable truth……for when you awaken, you cannot ignore the presence of both shakti and shiva in you….which is the father and mother or father and holy ghost.

In the gospel of Philip, a very important document for revealing the truth of the feminine and masculine as making up the deity….as well as the higher self, he points out the obvious saying that those who say Mary begot with the Holy Ghost are in error, for when does a woman beget with a woman?  He was pointing out an issue that was already something of a mystery to people….or it was already the subject of people seeking to lessen the presence of the female in the truth.

Go as far afield as you wish in any faith.  When you awaken, the truth fills every cell in your body as the presence of THEIR ecstatic union fills you.  You feel bliss because they are now in union within.  These are your cosmic parents and through them, you may learn all secrets of the universe.  You must learn how to listen at the portals of reverie and imagination….for it is here in these unlikely places that the universe will rush in to you. If you look at the world and see how it poo poos the imagination as nothing real is the degree to which the world has forgotten how to access the mysteries.  These are those who ape and mimic but do not feel the indwelling spirit. But even they have it within themselves to feel this, to embody it… soon as they dispense with their twisted dogma that demonizes bliss.
Every awakening will prove this right. Every awakening serves to face the awakened with the irrefutable truth of what is moving within them.  For some, it is a struggle to throw off the shackles of old limiting beliefs or “patterns” or karmas.  The true light of this will keep pressing by its sheer presence.  It is the one true tuning fork; all else that is dissonant must fall away or suffering will continue.  Those who fear letting go of the small self shall not ascend into the larger self.  This is a rearranging of the earthly self to the celestial one.  If you can but trust what this seeks to do, the going becomes light and bliss filled in ever deeper ways.  Some would seek teachers, but as long as the old ways move within, the vibration will only attract those teachers with the same limits and frailties.  This energy is not some simple walk in the park.  It has the ability to move across space/time.  It can reveal to you your frailties if you but listen and become humble before it….that is, willing to entertain that your cherished notions which now cause pain are not serving you and a better way is before you.
You are born of a dual being of both masculine and feminine.  All life reflects this begetting that has its source in Source, the All.  This is an ancient teaching that many have sought to hide and change to their own egoistic whims. It does not change its truth and reality.  It waits for you, for the day when you cast off the shackles of your old life. Like two wires loosened in your being, connecting them will bring the current of the ALL into you immediately.  It will come like a freight train….or a great wind….or a surge up the spine.  It will be so strong it can take you out of your body.  Ecstasy will be a daily experience.  You will learn to open more and more to this or become blocked with pain and anxiety for it is agains the natural law to resist the infinite when it awakens within you.  And as you awaken, you strengthen the field within all people. It grows, it builds, it is like a begetting that comes into itself. You learn what Thales, teacher of Pythagoras knew; all things are full of gods.  Within the petal of your awareness, there is a still larger awareness of your whole self….the divine flower.  Every particle in nature and in ALL is built in this way.  It has its higher form, its “god” as Thales once proclaimed so correctly.  Sadly, there are those who do not understand what this means, and would seek to show that it is an arrogation to think this way.  But it is not arrogance.  It is truth.

The masculine will reflect into the feminine and through that reflection will come the divine engine for growth and becoming.  You will be attracted to those awakened who have the same frailties as you until you heal those frailties and ascend ever higher into a new life.  It is true that there are countless versions of this world….all existing in potentiality.  When you live a life that is dark, you will not see the light in the higher dimensions that are within the many spheres of the earth.  This is the meaning of the entrance into a new world.  That world is not something that will come to all people unless it comes within them first.  Only then will they see with deeper dimension what had been there all along. The world will not flash and suddenly reveal a new world.  Tht world lies curled within the world you know, waiting for you to awaken to still higher levels of it both within you and within the world. For as you do this, you actually awaken the world itself. Earth herself evolves along with you in a co-creative way.  The world will truly change in a twinkling….and it will be entirely seamless in quality.  The world will seem different.  The people in it will reflect this more healed state that is in you.  What is healed in you is atually healed in THEM.  I did not get this at first.  How could this be?  How could my will change their condition?  This did not seem correct….but it IS correct….for they remain the same in their old potential in a different layer, a different world.  We literally ascend into new earths….and we meet those in the world in their ascended forms.  You see, this is infinite.  Yo put yourself into a world where those people you knew who were not ascended ARE ascended.  You do not awaken to a world that is empty of all those who did not ascend AS you ascended.  No.  You awaken to the world where both you and them are already that.  And if you think that the world is bounded by limit, then you do not know the incredible miracle that is reality.

You do not leave this world for another like some rapture where only a select few go.  This is not some exclusive club. You literally shift your awareness on this plane to a new dimension.  In that dimension everyone is there.  EVERYONE.  So as you awaken, as you heal, the world does change, but this change is not noticed by most.  But its irrefutable truth shines for those with eyes to see.  What you gain in leting go is not a loss but a gain that is so huge, so immeasurable, it will leave you wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

And this all sounds crazy because the world is just this crazy, so lost, driven so far.  And yet, there are those who are ready.  The great thing is, you don’t have to do much to observe this in motion.  Just heal.  Just surrender.  Just let go.  As you let go of all the things that did not serve you, a new world will resolve around you without a single jitter or overlap of the old with the new.  Its as though one layer becomes transparent in that moment of bliss and you are where you were before, but the world has gotten brighter, less troublesome, more healed.  You will see evidence for this immediately.  A neighbor who had been troublesome ceases being so.  A coworker that had had been abrasive suddenly is no longer that.    You have shifted your location within the many earths.  Its this simple.
This is possible through healing.  Knowing where you came from, who you are deep down, will help in revealing the truth, a much deeper more ecstatic truth.  As you grow comfortable in this new arrangement, the need to DO anything diminishes and what you call synchronicity is seen for what it truly is.  Some say synchronicity is divine guidance from the universe.  In a sense this is correct, but it is the universe within YOU that is doing the guiding. The synchronicity is hinting at your true potential.  If you learn to utilize it free from limiting belief, you can bid mountains to come to you.

When you awaken to this truth, you will need no teacher to tell you what is true.  The truth will live inside of you in the most perfect of ways.

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