Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The big challenge to just about everybody is this whole I am one with the universe and I am also individual.  Monks will sink into everything-ness, losing all sense of ego while others will know themselves as individual and will go that route. But its not one or the other.  Your individuality is not an illusion.  Nor is your ego. All the monks and gurus who speak of ego death are not being honest.  Ego does not go away.  The self is reformed.  You remain individual. I think you could well lose your life if you completely lost ego.
This is a grand experiment.  I say feel both.  Know you have capacities for knowing yourself as both wave and particle.  I am writing about this in the book and some VERY interesting theories coming forward to explain the particle/wave duality that also happens to tie into my own model that I have developed to explain the two basic modes that consciousness moves between.
So be honest with yourself. This place is a gift, not a curse. It is not a sin but a wonder. It is here to remind you of what you are.  This world will resolve into that wonder and the miracle.  And I am here to remind you of this.  And you are here to decide what it is that you want to feel and know and become. Freewill.  Its wonderful.  And its confounding to some people because its BOTH. 
Not All One only, but neither is it not just One against the world. Duality is only a problem if its a problem.  Otherwise, its not a problem.  

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