Tuesday, July 10, 2012


By now if you have been reading through some of what I have been posting about the nature of energy and about awakenings, you may be familiar with a model for understanding it that I call the Particle/Wave model for awareness and energy.

Its simple, and it is based on my careful observations of the energy as it has grown in my life post-awakening.

It goes like this:  your whole life you have known yourself to be an individual, and everything you have known has come from the outside of who and what you are.  This has happened as a result of your having five senses. So everything you have ever experienced has been largely determined by your senses.  These senses tell you certain things about reality, and to you, for the most part, its everything that you know.

You have been like a very discreet and perfectly bounded soap bubble who knows its shape and boundaries as this form. Your awareness has been formed by this just as many of your beliefs have. The world is most assuredly "out there" in front of you as a very real and very physical thing. This has also made you feel separate and even alone.  This state of being may have caused you to become something of a seeker, to find out what this life is all about.  the larger ontological questions we all ask such as "who am I" and "why am I here" are all such questions.  They invariably will lead you beyond yourself as seeming separate in the world.  A part of this soap bubble awareness, what I call Particalized Awareness, are your beliefs and feelings about how things are.  What you don't always realize is that you are doing what Anais Nin once described as seeing the world not as it is but as you are.  So buried into yourself are these beliefs that you cannot believe for one moment that your beliefs could have an effect on what it is you are experiencing.

This mode of awareness is perfectly fine for navigating through physical reality.  In fact, its there for a reason. However, we have become so focused in the physical that it has squeezed out our awareness of other things....bigger things....ontological stuff about the nature of reality, why we are here, what we are deeper down.  Stuff like that.  There is another side to the coin, and its what I call Waveform Awareness, and this form of being is different from what you have known thus far. This awareness is focused differently, but its no less valid and central to your being able to understand who and what you are beyond being a mere particle floating along all on your own.  It answers the question for why we are here in many respects, and it relates us to all the selves we have been and will be.  It is a multidimensional awareness because you, my dear reader, are multidimensional. You may think this silly, but its only silly when you have only known yourself as our soap bubble.

When you enter Waveform awareness, you are literally tapping a nonlocal energy source that is in everything and IS everything. It is the Source of all things.  That may sound high and mighty, but we have enough evidence to show just how true this is.  Since this form of awareness occurs from within, its been a sticky wicket to try and understand it.  Most people who do, do not seek to test and explain in materialistic ways (say through science which is materialistic in most of its orientation).  They simply know.  Why bother to do all that?  Its here, now follow me and I will show you, they say. Do the work, and you will see. But this energy is akin to your individual awareness suddenly knowing itself as part of a larger wave, and this wave is defacto everything that is.  The only thing that stands in your way of experiencing this is how your awareness is focused. Something has to come about that will break that reliance on your awareness as purely individual and move you along the wave.  Since the wave is infinite in potential, you will quite naturally begin to experience the infinite.  One such experience is that of the Source, which drives all of this.  People speak of knowing god or a deity through this method.  Its the only way. And they all say the same thing, whether it be a Christian mystic or a Hindu yogi; you find it within. Up till now, you have been looking outside and all you can get or grasp is a bunch of very finite stuff.  Facts, figures, phenomenon, belief.  There is something more, a lot more, and to get to it, you have to get to the very essence of how the universe is constructed....which isn't that there was something put here for us to inhabit, but something that emerged out of consciousness, and since we emerged out of that same consciousness, we have a very intimate relationship with the seeming external universe.  And true to form, we are finding that this is true. We are finding the linkage between our thoughts and our awareness and how it affects and forms events.  The most rudimentary of these is what we have observed as happening with subatomic and atomic particles and how they behave when they are being watched or recorded AS they do what they do.  This is the infamous "double slit" experiment where particles stopped behaving the way they normally do when there is a camera or monitoring device set up to observe what it is they are doing as they do it. We are also seeing other interesting connectives with this same line of thinking in LARGER phenomenon in, say, a person's life.  I am working on this in my book Waking The Infinite, and its very interesting indeed, since it points to a more unified theory of how the world of quantum effects can be seen effecting events in our lives.  Traditionally, quantum physics has said that the weird effects of particles behaving differently when they "know" they are being watched is limited only to small events like photons and atoms. However, there is something interesting things that are emerging, and they actually feed right into my model for Particle and Wave awareness.

There is a new model for what particles are in relationship to waves.  This model suggests that particle and waves are not just part of each other, but are the same thing, but one of them is being entrained while in the physical in order to create physical effects of a given character.  This model is consistent with the idea that as we move into particle forms, there is a force acting on a wave in some way to cause it to behave very differently. And what exactly is this different thing?  Without spoiling the surprise, it has to do with a wave being folded into itself to appear as a particle.  A wave actually begins to take on a particle appearance when it is still a wave. So folded within the particle is actually wave energy.  And this is just like how you are.  You LOOK like you are a delicate particle living its life, and yet within you is also the energy of the wave.  What is happening is something of a seeming.  This is what the yogis say is the illusion of this life. I don't like illusion as  a word because I sense its in truth a creation....and THIS is quite a different thing. It was Picasso who said "Art is the lie that helps us to see the truth."  And if you think this way, you can see how understanding this "lie" or creation can lead you to understanding some pretty damned profound things about how the world is composed.  And in understanding it, it can also lead you to knowing how to lead a very different, perhaps better, life. What would you do if you found out that you WEREN'T a finite particle, a soap bubble floating temporarily on the breeze, ready to pop at any moment, your little journey over in just a half century or two? It would be huge, I suspect.

Now for the next juicy tidbit.  As a result of this model as its been put forth, it suggests (to me) that the thing that entrains the wave is your own awareness!  What makes things seem to be as they are is your own awareness....or focus, which is, naturally, as a particle.  Its coincident that as your beliefs about the world drop away, you are able to experience the power of this wave much more clearly.  You go from an awareness that has been entraining matter around you, the universe, based on beliefs about how it happens to being more aligned with what the reality is deeper down, which is that none of this is limited at all!  Infinite.  What stands in your way?  Your beliefs, quite obviously.  No one every does anything that they do not believe is possible.  Their awareness is formed by belief and belief informs action. Now of course, I am not talking about stepping off the side of a building, but then again, I am not suggesting either that there isn't some way that you might get to a place where you COULD.  There is still more to know, to learn, and to test in order to understand what the relationship energy may have to physical phenomenon. But what's most obvious here is that the greater the presence of energy, the greater the presence of something that is called the synchronicity is in people's lives who have awakening. Its very interesting that in some gnostic texts, Jesus is explaining how one awakens awareness of the "kingdom" and he says concurrent with his prescription that when you ask the mountain to move away, it moves away.  The synchronicity is more than what we currently think it is, an odd coincidence with meaning for us in the moment. I got into how this works in the book Waking The Infinite.  I also discuss this new model or theory of the particle/wave duality which mirrors most closely my own model for understanding consciousness in terms of awareness and how conscious energy behaves depending on how it is entrained.....or focused. If it is focused in your Particalized Awareness, it follows one set of rules, but when it is entrained through the Waveform Awareness, things begin to happen differently.  Events actually change, and what we might have described as miracles two centuries ago become more understood for what they are; a hitherto poorly understood quality of how energy and matter interact.

This new model for understanding the particle/wave duality in physics is very interesting and could blow the lid off of how we see physical reality itself. I have to say that thus far, its very compelling, and very simple, fits in with my own model of the duality principles and may well help to inform our thinking as we go forward not just in physics, but in what would have been called pseudo-science very recently.....the science of awakening.

So I know its a bit of a tease that I am offering up here, and I do hope that if you are interested in finding out more that once I get the book out, that you will buy it, read it, and let me know what you think!  I feel that we are entering a time when the veils of our past conceptualizing of this field will fall away even more as our own biases and beliefs soften.  What will be revealed will be far cooler and interesting a world than we ever through or could imagine.


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