Friday, July 13, 2012

The Gift

As the sky of me cracked open
it let in a light
hard to know
or see
or feel
its spreading warmth
its rays caressing the petals of my awareness
a secret revealed.

Others have sought to suggest or say
as if they know
and I say to you;
the universe is there surely
but each patch of universe
living in all the people of the world
will be lived differently.
This is the gift of individuality
that wraps up its divinity.

So never feel bad for listening to your inner voice
your promptings
for to not do so
is to ignore
the divine within.
Without that
you will be
just another sleeper
stumbling down the path
hoping for the promised ray of light.

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GayLynn McRoberts said...

Love your blog and wanted to post my own inspirations and connect to yours nice job!