Sunday, July 8, 2012


I am nothing
save the universe
you do not know me who think you do
birthed from it
I am it
and other things

What I thought I knew
I did not know
and what I thought I loved
was hope.
I loved hope
and that was not enough
to bear me
across this great ineffability

We coin terms
like we think we know
you look
we look
we think we feel
but what we feel
is hope
not love

In not feeling truly
we feel badly
having turned away from the divine light
we seek answers
as the world of a thousand lives
comes crashing
as it augers in
a dark hulk
of something
rendered into nothing

Everything we think that is
is nothing.
We grasp the world
and it shows us what we are
in that fleeting piece of folly
until we come to our senses
rising into wakefulness
and shake off the world of a billion illusions

There is simply nothing there
The more we awaken to it
the more certain it is

Hope is not enough
for only the one great Light
bears us home
Only through its ancient language and lessons do we come to know the keys to unlock its secrets
Its secrets lie behind all truths we think we know
to reveal a great nothingness
which is saved for us until the end
so we could bear such a long ridiculous journey as this
to learn one simple truth

Its a terrible truth to have revealed
but its better this way.
Better to know one is counterfeit
than to believe it is anything real
like a child having to be told
no fairies
no Santa
no stories to soothe
but a truth to kindle
this great fire

I am nothing
save the universe
and you do not know me who think you do
and what you do
reflects and turns
but is not me
for I am counterfeit
same as you
and all of this
children of a lost dawn
seeking some long lost love
or light

Never knowing
it has always been within,
the currency of our souls
the mystery of our yearning
the journey toward redemption

I have lied
as have you
and every soul that appears here
and we do not know we lie
but speak brilliant truths
until the day comes
when the truth can't be hidden from
any longer
and our souls are opened
its contents emptied
as an even greater emptiness fills it
and removes all sense of suffering
your entire life
given for a bag of silver
a lie redeemed for an untruth...

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