Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Key To Knowing God

Two currents run through two meridians up your body.  One is yin charged, one is yang charged.  This is how all life is ordered.  Even plants. Even atoms.  Each has both because this is what gives order and form to this place.  It is an alternating current, and an energy that can be experienced in states of enlightenment. The key to unlocking this in you is to know that these two currents need to be felt more deeply and brought into a unity.
The two currents move up your body and when they grow in strength, they do something between the two meridians…..they are in this dance….like two power cords lying next to each other and there is this glow between them.  This happens in the light body. These two opposite currents creates a feeling of bliss between the meridians.  Its a miracle, it is transcendent energy.  It connects you to the divine. It unfolds in you.  It unfolds you.  It makes you like its lover….but a very different one where the energy of desire is unleashed and refined into something so distilled…..its beautiful and very cool.  Gotta say cool because nobody else is and the truth is, it is.  So let’s just say it and get it out of the way.  But not cool in an ego way, you know?  Not in a showy way.  
The twin currents move upwards and they create bliss between them, the sacred third, the secret to the indwelling Christ consciousness or Krishna or whatever else people want to call it. When this is awakened, you don’t need a teacher, you just need to ask the universe to bring you the things you need to move forward.  And it does. 
These two currents go up into the brain.  The brain itself is ordered by this energy, too  Yin and yang.  When you bring both hemispheres into unity, inspiration happens, the blast of divine energy.  Do you know what it feels like to be inspired? Imagine tripling that and then keeping the valve on ALL the time.  Then you will get the idea what this thing is like. But you bring the two brains that are generally masculine and feminine and bring them into a unity. You also bring all of your other parts of yourself into a unity.  Bring everything, including the lowest parts of you all together. When you do, you will begin to start the machinery that will lead to awakening.  its not some fancy process, its a realization. Its a remembering.  Its in the moment profoundly.  Its visit changes you forever. Thank goodness. 
But it can make a mess of your life if you let it.  Let it just take it all down and surrender.  If you can, then it will be less like fighting a giant 800 lb gorilla and more like being a dam that opens and lets all the waters of spirit flow. 
Two currents.  The male current does not make you less feminine if you are female.  Nor does the feminine current make you less masculine.  With the holy union happening inside of you, you see and understand why both are so necessary and that it is this union that is driving all of this.  It is as the deity wanted, what being seems to require.  When you give yourself to this you do not lose yourself, you just lose what was never necessary to begin with and which always served to bring you sorrow and pain.  As this gets shaked out of you, things get better and better.  
Dual currents on each side.  They go up.  As they do, there is a weak field produced between them.  As this grows in strength, you will feel it more as a feeling of bliss. Allow the linear mind and holistic mind to merge.  Its only when both sides work together that we get the explosion of inspiration that is an aspect of awakening, but whose potential has not become a self sustaining flame. 
Two currents.
You will know God-dess within when you feel this. 

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