Friday, July 20, 2012

Its telling.
That I would find the truth in hidden scrolls from early Christianity that had been deemed heretical that described or explained how one awakens.

Its curious how the work of someone could get so tangled or mangled.  How did it all get turned into harps and clouds and some dude with a book sitting up front of some pearly gates?

So if you want to know the truth, always look in the back alleys, from the mouths of the heretics, the unseemly and the sinners, for Lord knows you wont be getting it from those who say they are in the know.

I am much happier with some Ju-ju Momma from Louisiana, shaking her rattle and giving me the evil eye.
"Oh come on now, Momma, you know that voodoo stuff don't do nothing for me...." I'd say.  She'd scrunch her face up even more, smiling and busting out laughing as she tried to keep up the look.  We'd roll on the floor and pick up an ant and proclaim there was more divine in that creature than all the Popes of yesteryear.

And I think it would be true.

So If we think we are going to get true enlightenment from the church or the authorities, you have to think again. In those documents Jesus says that the priests of the temple kept the keys to knowing away from everybody including themselves.  Now that's a pretty good way to explain.  But those books never saw the light of day.  Well, they did, about two thousand years later.

It all sounds good, right?  But when you wake up for sure, child, you see how everything that aint truth, it just melts before your gaze.  that doesn't make you high and mighty.  It makes you one of the "righteous" but look how they tried to demonize those cats before they realized they could co-opt them.  Before that happened, they were the righteous.  That meant they knew.  They listened to God the father and the Mother before they made her into a Ghost. Righteous....

Yes, I 'd rather be a heretic than Holy any time of the day.  And now, with this big badge on my heart, I guess its official. 

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