Friday, July 20, 2012

The Challenge

You know what the challenge is in awakening?

Its the want.

It changes completely.

When you feel bliss in your body 24/7, you can lay on cold concrete in an empty burned out building and still smile. The need to seek for riches becomes a very different kind of search.  Everything that you sought, you realize was chasing a desire about losing your life, losing love, losing riches.  And when it all comes crashing down, sleeping on cold concrete just doesn't make a lot of difference as sleeping in a warm bed.  The concrete helps with a bad back, you see....

The desire to achieve is now moved through very different channels. After such a deep cosmic kiss as this, being ordinary is just not an option.  But being quiet and small, not a problem.  Your become the silence that roars.  Those who will hear you will hear you, but as for making an just not so important.  its less that you have no desire....its that all desire seems directed in a different way.

So the simple things I want are to serve Goddess, to listen to a small clean stream with fish and salamanders at night and fruit bushes somewhere nearby.  Everything else seems to come as bidden.

Thats the challenge.  Looking like your normal when you aren't. 

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