Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Healing Koan

Sometimes healing happens best when you remove the source of the hurt and pain in the environment.  It may not remove the pain from inside, but it helps to keep the hurt or trouble from staying fresh.  Some issues are best left to grow stale and irrelevant to the self by not being tested and reinvigorated.  When no longer an issue, old investments can be allowed to fall away.

When you have a box of precious items that you can't stand to throw away, putting them into storage can sometimes serve to reveal to you how little they were needed all along by simply sitting there.  Items so stored can be reviewed later and the self realize that its really time to let it go, and it does.

Without the input or stimulus the self finally learns that the reason for the reaction is simply not important to it if given the right time for healing.  And time does heal many wounds.

Dont be afraid to just give yourself time.  Eventually, whatever it was that made the hurt seem so important will fade as you enter new chapters in your life.

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