Monday, February 14, 2011

All Ways

I will Allways love you.....
adore you
and obsess over you
your essence
so beautiful to me
I bring your image up
in my minds eye
I hold you gently
as this pulse moves through us both
and I am content with the simple fact
that you ARE.

Its a miracle really.
This becomes the Turning Piont
the place where the world tips on its side
and what went before
makes a turn
it never made before
as we find ourselves
and amazed
it is finally here.
In every moment lie the seed of its becoming
and here we can nurture it
and bring its into Being.

I spend my days now
since this last falling away
asking how does my heart seek to feel
and it answers simply
by letting go
because so much of This
is discovered in letting go.

I do not know you in this world
I know you in another
and in that another
I am bound so tightly to you
that I cannot decide whether
I want to BE one with you
or if I just want to mingle
so I can enjoy ever wrinkle
and sparkle
and sigh
that you make.

Curl up with me here
and I will tell you stories
and sing you songs
and love you deep.
I love you deep.
In this world.....
I know you always....
All Ways.

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