Saturday, February 5, 2011


I have a secret.

Its a big juicy one.

Its been turning in humanity since day one
and its here.

So here it goes.....

This world is duality, pure and simple.
Sages and gurus all say this is illusion
and yet, if it were illusion, then it would not need to be.

Its needing to be is what makes it real.
No games on that one.
Simple and straight.
Told like it is.

So there is a greater reality,
a place where everything emanates
and everything is a projection of.

Gurus and Sages all say
the world is illusion
but it is not illusion.
It is a creation
and we are free to create something new.
Its the learning to bring in the infinite
into the moment
and hold it there
learning its juicy secret of love
that can change hearts and minds
and resolve the world back
to the pearl
the diamond
that it has always been.

Awakenings reveal our connectedness
the diamond in all things
but the problem is, it does not remove
duality in this plane.
Some say duality is illusion
but duality was a gift from the Creator
it is not forgotten or wiped clean away.
Its bell cannot be unrung
or conveniently pushed under the cosmic
Kardashian rug.

So All is real;
for all is created
Each of us is the All....
No quibbling
just simply that; One.
But we are also divided out
Its our great gift from our Creator,
the way back to the promised land.

The big secret is how the two are now coming to know themselves
how these two ends of the uroboros will become one....but first....

To explain how important this individuality was
and is
The Creator would have been driven mad had it not released
all of its countless creations
to the Great uncertainty of individuation.

Within the great heart of the All
the first great wave, what would become the foundation of Creation
were the "first" to know freedom from Creator
moved and knew itself as itself
but not apart from the Creator
and that Creator was slowly going mad;
and there was only one answer.

The answer was echoed by a pulsating blast hard to describe.
Imagine an orgasm
that contains within it
ALL of the potentiality
bound up within it
not fully realizing
until the grand shudder began to ripple through its furthest corners
that grand orgasm had some surprises in store for Creator.
It was a hell of a lot bigger than it bargained for
for what that shudder contained was not just that which it sought
to release
but countless infinite releases of everything that that first wave would
imagine infinity tied up neatly
and released
not so neatly
and such suprises which emerged from that which was not known
by Creator.
In that amzing moment worlds unfolded
amazing worlds which I cannot begin to even describe
one which was this world
but countless worlds
infinities of them
were in that moment released
as they began to evolve and radiate outward
itself creating more of itself
as Consciousness has a want to do....


The biggest risk
and biggest payback
sprang forth
and moved "outward"
from that point of awareness that was
And we in turn do the same thing; creators.

In that moment
Creator felt something so sublime
a joy
and relief
oh my
I did not die
I am no longer mad
but I am driven
as if mad
and look at this shimmering realm
moving "outward"
as what was released
grew in geometric fashion
as more things were created
all which existed as if some seed
within the first seed
as potential
not fully realized
but existant within the whole somehow
as consciousness then sought to create more of itself
and from this grand grand lineage
you and I were born
quite literally
from the loins of those greater than you and I
yet yearning to see us grow into our own versions
of the Creator.

This love is what echoes down through the ages
and its nothing short of the best tidal-wave of passion
that will leave you breathless....
realizing that this is not about dual and nondual
but about BOTH
and what that presents itself to us in this age
this place
just now.

We are godlings.
See, speaking such heresy was never so easy; nor more true.
We each, masculine and feminine
swirling with our own special brand
concoction of the mix
transform ourselves
and find those parts of us
which existed
born of that potentiality
now knowing itself
Separate (Creator was alone once....)
sacred equivalents
coming back in this time
as it will visit us in other windows down through time
as we climb that spiral staircase.

So individual
most assuredly
but the claim
for the age
the Zeitgeist
will be
the two folded over into each other.
Verily I say to you
and a thousand guru saints
all dance upon this one certainty
now no longer secret.

let us weave singularity
and unity
into a new tapestry
lets knit back all of this horrible sadness
into a new joy
these thoudands of years
swimming across oceans of tears
lets lift ourselves up
ready for the grandness
that lies within us
for all of the hurt we have carried
and created
must have been for something.

Come, the shuttle moves across the warp
as the threads of our smaller being
are consumed by the threads of something larger
as Individuality
and Unity
Forge a new alliance,
a new folding over

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