Thursday, February 10, 2011


All around you
are the effects that have grown up around you
in this life
and countless others
which have become hardened
like steel
just as your conceptions have
just like your beliefs
case hardened
and in many cases

We forget
that we exist inside a prison
of our own making.
No one makes this for us
yet we rail against it sometimes
pointing to a "them" or some vast conspiracy.
Truth be told
we are so clever
and creative
we do it to ourselves
until we wake up and realize
we are doing it to ourselves
and then we let slip
those defenses which kept us tied up
and hemmed in.

The moment of freedom
comes like a light
a delicate wave of bliss
that builds
in a direction where the self
teeters at the top of its experience
then tumbles down the other side
and finds itself in another world entirely.
Same world
different world
it is you who have changed;
shaking off the bars
that were your own imprisoning.

Just a few days ago a student worked quietly
at his art project
a brain with a key hidden inside of it
just where the pineal gland would be.
His concept in a flash became revealed to me.
Smiling he asked me if I knew what the pineal was
I began to speak about Awakening and our own inner chemistry of Ascension
and was proud of him;
his spirit knew
we live as if in a prison
and inside of us is the key.
He has been searching for ways to get at this key
and now he speaks of it in his work
but true.

"Throughout all of nature I have left you keys
to your greater becoming..."
he said inside of me so many moons ago
and I was so glad to see someone so close
speak so openly
and clearly.

Inside of you
lies the means for removing the shackles.
You wonder about those shackles
they are utterly invisible to you
and they hold you in a place
that once you leave
you wonder how you ever remained.

Our hurts
all  become  prisons
as our insides turn off
and lock us up
to protect
and in protecting
insulate us from the divine.
We spend the rest of Waking Up
removing those bars
and shackles
only to realize in the end
that even the idea of the prison
was a creation
for our intention to remove
like a lover before
her beloved
before they jump in that great sea of honey.

Hidden in each of us
in the turning of our genetic code sequences
are the keys to our liberation.

Just now
no one seems to know
how to take the key to unlock
only that the lock is opened one day
when before it was locked.

I am here to say
we each bear this key
and are about to learn to use it;
it spreads like fire.
We are its fire.
Its fire does not burn in us
we ARE the fire
and we pass this fire
through intention
and resonance.
We are vibrating ourselves awake
where keys drop like rain

Just now
something turns inside
the collective WE
the All of Us
and its now undeniable.
Its a way of waking up where its hard to lie and have it stick.
Suddenly a world full of lies and deceit
is emptied of its purpose
as one world transits another
a soft brush against your shoulder
as you feel the hopes of a trillion seers
since the beginning
they tug hard on you
as the wind of this change
says that its time
time to let go those bars
that prison.
Inside of you is the pharmacopia necessary to unlock you
no price for admission
no street price
no law to break
no chants
no diets
just the spark which will light you
set you aflame
as you awaken into gnosis
and gnosis blooms in you.

What will unlock you will be its marvelously vibrating love
not a feeling FOR someone
but a wave
a force
a presence
and here things will turn and shift
as you realize
even the prison wasn't real
but it sure helped us find that key....


Anonymous said...

I relate very much to Prison.
What amazing insight you have.

I have a key and it has made
itself known in a life changing
way..I shut the door awhile ago
for reasons I won't go into but
my intuition has never stopped pushing me to continue what had begun..I felt guilt over not of late this push has become more forceful and I think I'm ready to pay attention again..
it is Love this much I know and feel..
My Prison Guides are very gentle
but persistant helpers.

Him said...

I think you are right in your sense about love. If we all learned to love ourselves we would all be in much better shape. Good luck in your journey, and thank you for your feedback!